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NBC finds some funny, Angel Olsen's killer return and The Ringer rises

TV | Do you long for the days when a Thursday night comedy on NBC was worth your time? Well, there are some signs of life as the second season of SUPERSTORE returns to the Peacock on Sept. 22 at 8 pm. Set in a Walmart-like maze of toilet paper stacks and clothing aisles, Superstore stars America Ferrera as the floor manager overseeing a cadre of employees displaying varying degrees of laziness. Ben Feldman (he was the dude who cut off his nipple on Mad Men) is the too-cool-for-the-job newbie who's trying to assimilate into the insanity helmed by the store's delightfully nonsensical top dog, played by Mark McKinney in his best role since his Kids in the Hall days.

ALBUM | After she appeared in Spokane in both 2014 and 2015, we got a good taste of Angel Olsen, and it's time to check in again with the 29-year-old singer-songwriter. Her new album MY WOMAN sees the St. Louis native, now living in Asheville, North Carolina, mixing the lo-fi simplicity of her early work with a newfound love of hooky choruses and bold lyrics. "Never Be Mine" is somehow both poppy and haunting at the same time, with a melody that won't leave your brain after a couple of listens.

WEBSITE | When Grantland, ESPN's Bill Simmons-helmed site, suddenly went dark last year, there was a sense of loss for a lot of folks who'd come to love the then-innovative approach of mixing sports and pop culture together on one site. If you were wondering what Simmons would do next, the answer is THE RINGER (, which features a lot of the spirit — and many of the writers — that made Grantland a grand experiment in pop journalism. Here, you can find in-depth NFL analysis, as well as long-form personality profiles, TV recaps and, interestingly, a political podcast called "Keepin' it 1600" co-hosted by former Obama administration speechwriter Jon Favreau and communications director Dan Pfeiffer. ♦

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