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A sportswriting ringer, killer coffee and rebirth of a TV classic

SPORTS | With the Seattle Seahawks chasing another Super Bowl, it can be hard to find writers who can effectively translate the perspective of Seahawks fans to a national level. But DANNY KELLY of The Ringer does just that. The former editor of Field Gulls, a Seahawks blog, Kelly writes about all things NFL for The Ringer, Bill Simmons' sports and pop culture website. His most memorable pieces of late include why Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was struggling (and then how he turned it around), and why the fade route is garbage. But he also seems to write more about the Seahawks than any other national writer, and he's able to break down what makes them so great. And occasionally infuriating. Follow him on Twitter @DannyBKelly.

TV | Don't feel sorry for Alec Baldwin. Sure, he's a game show host for ABC's MATCH GAME, but this gig is not some end-of-career, trying-to-stay-relevant job. Match Game is a reboot of the series previously hosted by Gene Rayburn that ran (mostly) for 20 years until 1982, but somehow it doesn't seem stale. This new version premiered last year, and the Season 2 premiere aired Jan. 4. It's an "anything goes" kind of show, at least compared to other game shows. Already this season, Wayne Brady tried to strip on set and Ellie Kemper made a "that's what she said" joke. But really, it's Baldwin who makes it more than your average game show.

DRINK | For years, I thought using a POUR-OVER COFFEE MAKER at home was a level of coffee snobbery I wasn't ready for yet. But then my dad bought one, and told me about how his pour-over makes better coffee because it gets rid of the "gases" in your coffee beans. Feeling like I was behind the times, I went out and got a Coffee Gator pour-over coffee maker for $25. "Makes you look cool," the product description says. "Impress your friends. If you don't have any, this product will gain you some new ones." I don't know if I'm any more impressive now, but my coffee definitely tastes better. ♦

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