Readers react to "special snowflakes" and obscene gestures

Letters to the Editor


Thank you for great coverage of local party politics ("Obscene Gestures," 2/9/17). Wilson Criscione was very even-handed in giving both party leaders ample opportunity to express their viewpoint and respond to each other's statements. I [prefer] this type of neutral but accurate reporting in news writing. This story was extremely well written also.

Andrew Biviano makes me proud to be a Democrat. His responses to Stephanie Cates' complaints were on point, and echoed my own frustration with politicians who avoid talking about the issues that really matter, and, in this case, bullheadedly persist in dismissing citizens' legitimate anger as "rudeness" and label a group of citizens with a common complaint as a "mob."

I met Biviano at an event last summer and was very impressed by his humanity, humility and openness. If these qualities get a person elected in this country, I am sure he will one day be a revered elder statesman. This story in the Inlander only made me even more impressed with his ability to stay the course with calm competence. This is a man who can lead this country with strength and honor, rather than lies and arrogance.

Katherine Shellorne

Spokane, Wash.

Reactions to Daniel Walters' Last Word commentary on "The Hardening of the 'Special Snowflake'" and Trump supporters' tendency to label liberal millennials as such:

Salynn Williams: What the Trump supporters don't recognize is the avalanche about to roll right over their nonsense.

Patrick Schmidt: What you snowflakes don't realize it that in 2018 most of those up for reelection are liberals in states where President Trump won by a landslide... so actually you better get ready to have even less representation in government as the silent super majority can't put up with your "accepting and tolerant " liberal shenanigans any longer.

John Sims: What's funny is that Drumpf is the ultimate snowflake. He throws fits about SNL, a clothing store, and a play. The list could go on and on...

Mahala Collins: But I thought it was discrimination to boycott things based off someone's father being who he is? Christians are forced to cater gay weddings but Starbucks can dictate who they want drinking their coffee, or stores can choose to stop selling a product? Doesn't matter though, Ivanka's sales on Amazon skyrocketed, Milo's popularity skyrocketed as well as his sales thanks to the riot at Berkeley. ♦

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