Readers React to Dillon's town-hall column, GOP rally and "Law and Order Larry"

Letters to the editor

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Daniel Walters


The notion that prosecutor Larry Haskell's ("Law-and-Order Larry," 3/9/17) new prosecuting criteria goes against current research, and the fact he was an early Trump supporter go hand in hand. If he didn't have a law degree, his actions and political proclivities would lead a person to believe he is not college educated, one of Trump's minions, in a position of power, dangerous.

Steve Lacombe

Spokane Valley, Wash.

Readers react to "Safe Space," Daniel Walters' story about the recent Spirit of America rally and its pro-Trump GOP attendees:

Brian Babcock: Their honeymoon will soon be over... health care, voting rights, tax cuts for the rich, the middle class will have to pay for everything.

Kim Lehr: Can't wait until they see how they've been duped as well. Should be pretty fun to watch.

Burr Martin: The man feels anger when SNL makes fun of him, gets more upset about his daughter's clothing line than Russian connections and bars the media from covering him, oh, but people who see through his bullcrap are the snowflakes? I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Rebecca Michel: Snowflakes are beautiful and unique when you look at them up close, so hearing people use that as an insult makes me smile. Trump is a pot stirrer not a peace maker. Trump supporters need to wake up. ♦

Readers react to "Running Scared," Paul Dillon's recent column about GOP leaders avoiding town halls:

Mary Ooms: Aren't we her boss?? She supposedly works for all of us. Not who she pre-selects for her town hall.

Elizabeth Parker: CMR's bosses are the billionaires and millionaires in the GOP, corporations, etc. Clearly not the 73,000 Eastern Washington residents who will now lose their ACA health care coverage.

Fred DeFord: They heard us when we voted them in, to get rid of the ACA. The town hall was called for the small group of squeaky wheels to whine, but they are definitely not the majority and they do not hold the popular opinion that we want to get rid of the mandated, disastrous ACA. ♦

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