Readers respond to Garth-mania, birth control and more

Letters to the editor

Garth Brooks sold out seven Spokane Arena shows in short order.
Garth Brooks sold out seven Spokane Arena shows in short order.

Readers respond to our blog post about cities like Spokane and Moscow, Idaho, changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day (10/9/17):

Candy Galvan: Huh? So all cool cities changed the name? My mom would have asked, "if all the other kids jumped off a bridge, would you feel the need to do the same?" Dear Spokane, your understanding of history is obviously limited. Last time I checked, indigenous people benefited from the opening up of this nation, as did the rest of the world.

Ronald Schoonover, Jr.: Oh they benefitted? Is that what we call killing nearly all of them and taking 99.99% of their land? Man, I've severely misunderstood the definition of 'benefit'.

Ashley Williams: In 1492, Columbus got you a day off school. ♦

Readers respond to Garth Brooks selling out seven Spokane Arena shows when tickets went on sale Oct. 6:

Tricia Moss-Linback: Is the whole country coming here? Do we even have enough people to fill up all the seats for these shows? Seems unreal.

Alex Jay Castro: BREAKING: Garth Brooks is going to move into the Spokane Arena and will play shows every night until the next presidential election!

Jan Clyde: I remember when he first came to Spokane, my daughter and I dialed and dialed to get tickets. Never got through. Looks like his popularity has not waned. ♦

Readers react to our story "Trump Administration Rolls Back Birth Control Mandate" (10/6/17):

Deidre Darling-Shea: Also, no Viagra unless you are married, otherwise we are promoting sexual immorality, right? That argument never comes up, weird.

Andy Swanson: The pill is inexpensive. Buy your own.

Doecelyn Jupiter: If I can't have access to birth control or safe abortions, men shouldn't be allowed drugs for erectile dysfunction. ♦

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