Readers respond to the drug war and our Burger Issue

Letters to the editor

click to enlarge Timber Gastro Pub's Run of the Mill Burger. - YOUNG KWAK
Young Kwak
Timber Gastro Pub's Run of the Mill Burger.


Alcohol is responsible for more human suffering than weed, period ("Questions Remain After Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Shift on Marijuana," 1/11/18). It's proven in study after study. Alcohol and tobacco is sold in convenience stores directly across the street from elementary schools throughout the greater Spokane region. Weed is not.

Is it recommended that people sit around and smoke bongloads of dope for hours on end? Probably not, and the same goes for drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking tobacco.

Should humans under the age of 21 partake of the sweet leaf? Not advisable.

However, my point is, because of a random stigma-fication of weed, the U.S.A. has spent untold dollars trying to get folks to not use weed, the so-called "war on drugs." In the process the U.S. government has destroyed lives, careers, relationships and even a national perception of our government being just and fair. Alcohol good, weed, bad.

Jeff Sessions is merely a tool. A tool in a tool chest of hammers, named the Trump administration. They too shall pass. In their wake, hopefully all of the stoners can get up off the couch and vote for progressive candidates, such as Lisa Brown, who believe states whose constituency votes to legalize Mary Jane suffer no legal consequences from the feds.

Steve LaCombe

Spokane Valley, Wash.

Readers react to five of our writers' favorite burgers ("Five Writers Sing Praises for Their Favorite (Mostly) Local Burger Creations, From Durkin's to The Elk," 1/18/18):

Kristy White: Um, there's Red Robin and no Hudson's? C'mon.

Steven Herevia: Uh...Red Robin? Have they been to Wisconsinburger? Have they tried the Fried Cheddar Burger at Hogwash? There are way better burgers from local restaurants in town.

Alexis Johnson: Wild Sage has a divine burger.

Jesse Vaughan: Clearly your people are unaware of Thrifty Scotsman. More for me, I guess.

Brendan Flynn: God the Elk is amazing.

Katie Yetter: Waddell's Smoke Jumper!! Beef patty, brisket, bacon and smoked gouda. Heaven!

Olivia Grace: When I used to eat burgers... I thought Churchill's had the best one, and their burger night on Wednesday was a steal. ♦

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