Readers respond to Monroe Street advertising, more

Letters to the editor

click to enlarge The Monroe Street "diet" is about to begin
The Monroe Street "diet" is about to begin

Readers respond to a story about the city of Spokane's attempt to market businesses on North Monroe as they prepare for a construction project slated in April (3/22/18):

Gene Brake: I'm looking forward to the project completion and plan to continue shopping at the businesses on Monroe as I always have. I live just a couple blocks off Monroe and it will be a mess for the next few months, but it will be worth it in the end.

Thomas Beer: Eight months? It should take them two or three at the max. Crews 24-hour revolving schedules. Stop bidding projects out to companies who will purposely and unnecessarily draw out the project.

Michael d'Esterre: I will still make the trek to the best barber in town, Jay over at ClassicCuts! I've said it before and I will say it again, the businesses that will struggle are the ones which are more concerned with themselves than with the good of the neighborhood and the community. ♦

Readers respond to a story about the Patriot Prayer rally held in Spokane Valley on Sunday, which is known for attracting violence (3/23/18):

Carrie Ferran: Just let the 12 of them stand on a corner and completely IGNORE them. They are trying to elicit a response, so if people engage, they are getting exactly what they want. They may be very loud but there are far fewer of these ass hats than they want us to believe. ♦

Readers respond to the Best Of 2018 winners in our food category (3/22/18):

John C. McCormack: Italia Trattoria gets James Beard semifinalist and no recognition by the popularity contest. Just goes to show that fine dining is a labor of love in this town.

Jeff Galland: De Leon Foods has the best Mexican food within 100 miles, hands down. You have to go to Tri Cities to find anything in their league. ♦

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