In the upcoming year, many schools across Spokane will be receiving new instruments to incorporate into their music classes. This donation is coming from Future Song, a nonprofit devoted to empowering children through music and mentorship.

"This donation happened because Future Song wants to ensure that music and music education stays alive and well in our public schools," says Joe Brasch, the CEO of Future Song. "These classes have waiting lists of students wanting to get in and we were glad to help provide the tools needed to make the programs successful."

Future Song donated $23,349 worth of guitars, keyboards and various accessories to the high schools in Spokane.

There were 77 guitars, cases and accessories delivered to guitar classes at Shadle Park, North Central, Lewis and Clark, and Rogers high schools. Also, 20 Yamaha keyboards, stands and accessories were donated for the piano labs at North Central and Rogers.

"It is our hope that everyone who has the desire to explore the lifetime of gifts that learning to play a musical instrument can bring will have that opportunity," Brasch says. "Vibrant music programs are essential to a balanced education and create an atmosphere where kids learn to listen, play and work together."

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