Mom and Dad are tough, even tougher when they've started winding down. Give them a chance to either branch out, become an expert, better themselves or retool their roost.


Now that there's less space getting taken up — or a fresh palette if they've downsized — refinishing the nest is a must. The folks at Paint In My Hair know a thing or two about home décor. The shop features not only nice refinished items, but also a class teaching aspiring fixer-uppers how to restore that one thing they thrifted/bought at a yard sale and left to get dusty. They also offer the class supplies for their projects. Personally speaking, I can't think of a better gift for a crafty mom with some newfound free time. $65 • Paint In My Hair • 3036 N. Monroe


Give the parents something to do after dinner during the week, while also giving them a little bit of exercise. Satori offers tango, bachata and salsa classes throughout the week and classes are $10 a night, or you can buy a month's worth for $30. Plus, Fridays and Saturdays offer a chance for the dancers to show-off what they've learned. $10-$30 • Satori • 122 S. Monroe


All wineries have clubs, but during the spring and fall, Barrister offers a tasting club membership, which includes two pre-release wines and a wine only available through the club. The folks at Barrister also offer a food pairing recipe created and contributed by chefs from around the Spokane area, and access to "members only" events throughout the year. Around $115 • Barrister Winery • 1213 W. Railroad


I can't think of a better scene to end this cacophonous year than a New Year's Eve concert put on by the highly talented Spokane Symphony. A great way for people to find some culture during the holiday season, the night boasts the opus of Beethoven's work. The night closes on "Ode to Joy," a jubilant hymn to the human experience. $18-52• TicketsWest •

Japanese Bon Odori Dance Practices @ Spokane Buddhist Temple

Sundays, 1-3 p.m. Continues through July 10
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