We all have someone like this in our lives. They just seem to be offended all the time. They're hard to buy for because you're always worried your gift will spark a rant about why your gift is offensive. Sure, they're usually right. But you don't want to hear it! These are the people who scold you for not eating locally sourced food. These are the people who demand safe spaces wherever they go. These are the people who are probably offended right now after reading the last two sentences! Here are some gifts that maybe, just maybe, they'll be OK with.


They want locally sourced food? Give it to them. Buy your easily offended friend a gift certificate to a local farm. CasaCano Farms, just a short drive from Spokane in Valleyford, sells gift certificates that can be redeemable for produce, grass-fed beef, non-GMO pork, or a membership to get a weekly box of food. This way, those who are easily offended never have to get mad when they realize their food came from a farm that treated the animals poorly or that exploited workers. There's nothing politically incorrect about locally sourced food. Right? CasaCano Farms • 12210 S. Madison Rd., Valleyford • casacanofarms.com


Sometimes, even a cold room can be downright outrageous. With a Comfort Meter, those who are easily offended can make sure the room is always perfectly comfortable. It contains both a thermometer and hygrometer to make sure the heat and humidity are balanced correctly. $33 • Atticus Coffee & Gifts • 222 N. Howard


I'm sure they're out there somewhere, but I've never met somebody outraged at a candle. Everyone likes candles. They smell good, they're calming, and of course they bring light wherever they are. In that way, they're just like you. The candles from Valley Candles are handmade with soy and botanical oils, a couple of very inoffensive things. $9-$50 • Valley Candles • Find at Simply Northwest, 11806 E. Sprague, Spokane Valley, or at NorthTown Mall


If they're not into candles, maybe just get them a night light. With these night lights at Kizuri, you'd be supporting a good cause, which you should definitely tell your easily offended friend. The night lights were made from recycled glass by women in Ecuador and they are fair trade products. $22 • Kizuri • 35 W. Main

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