When most of us learned that the COVID-19 lockdowns were going to be a long-term effort, we coped by doing one of two things: 1) Threw on a pair of stretchy pants (that many of us still haven't taken off), embraced the "work-from-home" lifestyle and generally gave up on outward appearances; or 2) welcomed the apocalypse by doubling down on our fitness routines and carved our bodies into muscle-bound temples of flesh.

The gyms may be closed or at limited capacity, society may be under indefinite quarantine, but that's no excuse to fall out of shape. Instead, think of it as a challenge to stay fit. Here are a few gift ideas for the fitness freak on your holiday shopping list.

There are few things as multifaceted as the kettlebell. More flexible to use than your average dumbbell, you only need one or two of these bad boys. Best of all, they don't take up a ton of space and are fairly inexpensive. You can stick to your normal workout routine at home, working on your squats, tricep extensions and deadlifts, but you can also incorporate hand-to-hand swings and kettlebell swings. Price varies, $25-$50 for smaller weights • Better Body Fitness • 165 S. Pine St.

Before the COVID-19 shutdowns began, I had the chance to hit the Union a few times for some spin classes. It was challenging. Intense. Profound. Dare I say... spiritual? Things are obviously still very weird during the pandemic, but you could always purchase a class (or group of classes) from the Union, which can be used at a later point in time. Five classes $89 • The Union • 7704 N. Division St., Unit A; 1309 W. First Ave.

There's perhaps no better stocking stuffers for a fitness freak than Nuun and GU (pronounced "goo"), and you can pick up both at Fleet Feet. Need to replenish those electrolytes after an intense sweat sesh? Purchase one of the many flavors of Nuun tablets that you can pop into your water bottle. Need a calorie boost during a distance run? GU packets also come in a variety of flavors, and they're actually pretty tasty. (So good it almost feels like cheating.) $7 for Nuun, $1.50 for GU packet • Fleet Feet • 1315 W. Summit Pkwy.; 10208 N. Division St. #103; 13910 E. Indiana Ave., Spokane Valley

The thing about the Inland Northwest in the winter is that it will be cold until about March, making running after work hours potentially hazardous. One of the best gadgets a runner can have in the winter is a light, like the Biolite Headlamp. It will keep your runner lit up like a Christmas tree while also helping them spot patches of ice or clumps of snow in front of them. $60 • REI • 1125 N. Monroe St.

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