Inner Spring Cleaning

Life Coaching

Are you in the middle of multiple projects to spruce up your outside space and create a sparkling, clutter-free inside? How about cleaning out the thoughts and feelings that clog our minds and take our attention off of the current moment? A little spring cleaning for our internal lives will help us feel lighter, return our focus to the present and lift our spirits so they are as shiny as our freshly cleaned windows.

Inner Spring Cleaning
Carla Brannan is a certified professional life coach in Spokane.

What does decluttering our thoughts and feelings look like? In my experience, we humans have an excess of junk we're hanging onto from the past. These often show up as the "if onlys... " If only I'd finished my master's thesis. If only I'd kept off those 20 pounds, or let go of the grudge with my cousin. We all have things we wish we'd done differently, and none of us can change the past. We can, however, let the past stay in the past and not allow it to haunt our current lives.

Consider asking yourself what you need to do to let yourself off the hook. It may be forgiving yourself and/or others. Perhaps there are conversations you need to have to clear the air or provide closure. Maybe it's as simple as giving yourself permission to let it go.

The work that lies in front of you is not for the faint of heart; but you're worth it! So, pull up your big-girl or big-boy pants, dig deep and free yourself to grow and blossom inside and out.

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