September 23, 2021

Inside the COVID-19 ICU at MultiCare Deaconess Hospital

Nearly a dozen medical staff wearing surgical masks crowd in the hallway of one of Spokane's busiest intensive care units on Friday morning as they strategize treatment for an unconscious patient.

Her body is heaving for air as the team of residents, nurses and ICU medical director Dr. Ben Arthurs makes the morning rounds, getting updates on the severely ill patients in MultiCare Deaconess' COVID-19 unit of the ICU.

Several other patients here Sept. 17 are in even worse shape. Their bodies, desperate for oxygen, are not visibly gasping for air because they're paralyzed with medication so they don't disconnect the ventilators that are breathing for them. Read the full story here.

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Young Kwak photo
Respiratory Therapist John Frostad prepares to enter a patient room.