Here's to Dave, the bus driver

Letter to the Editor

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Dave Scultheis

Repetitive daily tasks (sometimes) makes us unaware of the exceptional effort those around us deliver everyday.

We grow accustomed to niceness, that we expect it, yet forget it takes a whole lot of human power to treat others with kindness. Within the speeding mundane tasks, bus trips are the fastest to forget. Bus drivers, however, are probably among the most patient humans on the planet, and for that they need to be remembered. Students are a huge beneficiary of public transportation — since Spokane is a home for couple of big schools — however, many other people rely on taking the bus.

Where EWU is, the Cheney local bus operates under a kind, professional coach. The 68 counter-clockwise is usually driven by David, who is a very kind soul! From punctuality, to helping passengers, to always conforming to all safety and bus rules, David would be shortlisted by his kind performance and attention to details.

Many drivers deserve the recognition and appreciation for all their hard work and services they give to the community. David is one example of many, and a great role model for someone who does his job with all professionalism and kindness.

Nouf Alkhidr
Cheney, Wash.

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