I happened to read Mike Corrigan's article on the local music scene last week, and I thought it was pretty good. Even though there were a couple of bands no longer together or even in the area that were listed, the article and the listings are what this region needs. What Spokane area bands especially need is more support both from local media and the public.

Everyone complains that there's nothing to do here. Well, I bet 90 percent of those people can't name more than one local band, and that's only because they read about it somewhere.

So to everyone who complains that there is no music scene here -- or it's not any good -- I have this to say: "Why don't you get off your complainin' duff and go out and support the local talent? When the bands realize someone cares, they may practice and play more, and thus, become better!"

It makes me sick that the region's best band picked in that "(no) Good Paper" survey was a cover band that hardly ever plays.

It also makes me sick that hardly anybody will go out and listen to local music. If it isn't overproduced, and then overplayed on the radio, people don't want anything to do with it, and that's just really sad.

And another thing, most of the people I've talked to don't even know Spokane has a resident band that has been signed to a major record label, the Mayfield Four. They will be releasing their second album under the label sometime in February.

This lack of knowledge is among many of the reasons why I've created the Spokane Music Network (www.smusic.net). I hope to create a network of resources for musicians and fans alike. Granted, I only have my free time to work, so it does get outdated from time to time, but check it out.

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Spokane, Wash. & & & &

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