Make your own CBD body butter

Make your own CBD body butter
Young Kwak

Throughout my junior year of college in Bellingham, Washington, I worked at a soap supply store. Through the business, we sold everything you'd ever need to make your own bath and body products: cold-process soap, lotion, bath bombs, you name it. Most of our customers were resellers, meaning they'd buy our products to make their own and sell.

One trend I noticed was customers who made hemp or cannabis-infused products. Who could blame them? In recent years, we've heard more and more about the pain-relieving effects that cannabis, specifically cannabidiol (CBD), can have on the body.

The products these resellers are making are not cheap. We're talking $50 a pop for a 2-ounce bottle of lotion with CBD content. I don't know about you, but I can't afford to drop that much money on something that'll be gone in a month.

For that reason, I came up with a copycat recipe that will have similar pain-relieving effects that costs less to create and will give you significantly more product in the end. For this recipe, it's very important to use a strain that has high CBD content with low THC content. (THC is what gets you high, which we do not want for this particular recipe.)

The ingredients used in this body butter are all plant derived. It's a great cream to slap on after a day at the beach when your skin is begging for moisture, or if you just want to treat yourself to something luxurious.

If you don't want to use weed in your recipe, simply leave out the infusing step and use plain hemp seed oil.


Mason jar
Strainer or cheesecloth


14 oz avocado butter
6 oz hemp seed oil
3-5 grams of high CBD-strain cannabis
5 teaspoons arrowroot powder
0.1 oz essential oil (optional)


  1. Prep the oil
  2. Measure 5 oz of hemp oil into Mason jar. Grind or chop cannabis and add to jar.
  3. Fill a Crockpot with 3-4 inches of water, set on a medium heat. Place the sealed jar into the Crockpot and allow to sit for at least 24 hours. The longer, the better.
  4. Place a cheesecloth or strainer over a bowl and strain the infused oil. Set oil aside.
  5. Create the butter: Place 14 oz of avocado butter into a large bowl and whip with a hand mixer for about 30 seconds.
  6. Add infused oil and essential oil to the mixture and whip until light and fluffy.
  7. Finally, fold in arrowroot powder, making sure to scrape down the sides to fully incorporate.
  8. Pour into desired containers and enjoy!

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