This is a past event.

Mark Normand

He has a roommate. A forgettable face. A bit of an alcohol problem. Oh, and also spots on Conan, Comedy Central, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Mark Normand is everyone’s slightly depressed neighbor, except he’s freaking hilarious about it. He’s caught the eye of Jerry Seinfeld, and the hearts of millions of viewers on YouTube and Netflix with his specials Out to Lunch and Soup to Nuts, featuring his ultra-relatable humor and dark but endearing jokes. A Louisiana kid who ran off to the comedy cellars of the Big Apple, he’s seen it all — usually through the haze of a nasty hangover. He’s awkward, nervous, sweaty and squishy like the rest of us, and still isn’t comfortable with eye contact. Hang out with him at the show, just please don’t FaceTime him when he’s not expecting it.

Mark Normand • Sat, Jun 22 at 7 pm • $35-$160 • First Interstate Center for the Arts • 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd • • 509-279-7000

— Eliza Billingham