Question of the Week

If you could travel back in time, what era and/or place would you go and why?

Question of the Week
Every week, we ask our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

Morgan Robinson: I think I would have to go with ancient Egypt. Not only do I find Egypt fascinating, and its culture beautiful and rich, it was also one of the most progressive cultures toward women. Women could choose to marry or not, they could inherit wealth and land from their fathers, and they had a lot more rights than most other cultures.

Sean McCartney: The '80s. Things were so much simpler then. Plus, I would've bet every dollar I had on Buster Douglas and be set for life. Plus, when 2020 came around again I would be long gone.

Anna Beer: I'd go back six years before I was pregnant and take a ton of naps!!

Stanley Peterson: I'd go back to the first humans and end them... We suck monster balls. I tell people all the time it's a good thing I don't have any superpowers, there'd be a lot of people in cars flying into the sun. Despite that, I'm a generally happy and friendly guy.

Dave Brown: I would go back and see the Palouse prairie before settlers arrived.

Rachele Nichols: 1800s in which I can live as a homesteader... much simpler times.

Clyde Herrington: I'd like to be with Eric the Red when he reached North America. I would be in charge of setting up trade agreements with the Indigenous peoples. Columbus would have been irrelevant.

Steve St George: I'd put on sunglasses and go back to the Big Bang.

Harold Crose: Pacific Northwest pre-logging. Old growth forests, streams, rivers.

Eric Reis: I'd go back to 2015 and try my damndest to stop Donald Trump from being elected.

David Leeth: I'd have to see me some dinosaurs. ♦

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