July 06, 2023

Photos of Relentless Wrestling's anniversary show at Trailbreaker Cider

Chase James is ready for his crowning achievement. Seven years after starting his pro wrestling journey, Spokane's "Hometown Hero" is about to have a match for the Pacific Northwest Championship — the top prize in Relentless Wrestling, the local independent wrestling company he co-founded and runs.

For those who only know World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE, formerly WWF) — and the jacked Adonis superstars like Hulk Hogan, the Rock and John Cena — the 32-year-old James doesn't fit the central casting mold. He's no tiny dude, but his build is more that of an everyman than a 'roided up genetic freak.

It's a near perfect low-70s sunny day in early June and the wrestling ring set up on the grass outside Trailbreaker Cider in Liberty Lake for Relentless Wrestling's second anniversary show is set to be the stage for James' triumphant moment. Continue reading here.