Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to change the way we think? Our thought processes evolve over the course of our lives. By the time we are adults, our way of thinking is deeply ingrained.

Now imagine that our thoughts are like a river. We can see that the longer we think a certain way, the deeper the path these thoughts can cut in our minds. The course of negative thinking is the most difficult to change. At times that path of gloom may seem as deep as the Grand Canyon! If we become mindful of the way we think — dismissing negative views and reinforcing positive ones — we can begin to divert that deeply cut path into another course.

Like a small stream that breaks away from the powerful river, it may seem daunting at first. The more we concentrate on the positive the more we reinforce our new way of thinking, and eventually our happier thoughts run their own course of positivity through our minds. This summer, become mindful of your thoughts and choose the path that you wish to flow.

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