Readers respond to Robert Herold's column 'Do Not Impeach'; Spokane homeless buses

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Dear Mr. Herold, Personally I disagree 100 percent with your article on impeachment of President Trump ("Do Not Impeach," 5/23/19). The one thing Trump fears is humiliation and anything that may destroy his "brand" will hurt him. This country needs to see, at the least, an attempt to let him know Congress is an equal branch of government. Even if the attempt will fail in the Senate, it would air all his dirty laundry before the voters. If we let him get away with his coup, what is to stop future presidents from the same path?

All the ideas you checked off with red check marks have already been tried and failed. Just to name a few examples 1. Call attention to how he is ruining the U.S. reputation with our allies (done and failed). 2. Call attention to his racism and bigotry (done and failed). 3. Remind the country of how well Republicans conducted themselves during Watergate (done and failed). The Democrats and the mainstream media have pounded away at all your points for two and a half years and he is still in our White House.

The master of the con is pulling a fast one on the electorate and the media. No, he does not want to be impeached because it will be in the history books as long as our democracy does last, and if he gets away with all the crimes against our Constitution he has already committed, our democracy is over.

V. Sandra Boynton
Rathdrum, Idaho

Reactions to the article, "One-Way Tickets Go Both Ways" (5/30/19) about other cities allegedly sending their homeless to Spokane:

Blaise Barshaw: Since recently moving to Spokane, I've heard this from a lot of long-time residents: "I never go downtown." When I ask why, it's always some response like, "There are weird or scary people there!" Whenever I ask what has ever happened to them there, they usually have some 20-year-old story about some vague thing that happened to them "or a friend." It's weird.

Justine McKenzie: I don't understand the whole "I can't take my kids downtown" thing. I take my kids downtown all the time. Guess what happens every single time? Absolutely nothing, other than maybe having a conversation about homelessness, which is something that we should be talking to our kids about anyway. ♦

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