Question of the Week

How has climate change affected your life?


I think the most monumental way is the fire season and all of the smoke, just not being able to get out and go hiking and enjoy my time outside. And I have a little one, so I like to protect him from the smoke, too, and it seems like it's just taken over our entire summer now.


It's hotter everywhere now. I live in San Jose, California, and it was 100 degrees last week on a random Thursday in early April, and it just gave me a bad feeling.

What should the government be doing in terms of climate action?

Enforcing renewable energy a lot more. And the ocean, I think, with plastic is a big problem.


Well, climate change is easily the seminal issue of our time. I mean we have all kinds of income inequality, we have wars, but the major issue that we've got to deal with is climate change.

What should the government be doing in terms of climate action?

We've got to get off of fossil fuels and get into clean energy, and it's all available, it's all there.


Personally, here in Spokane with all of the fires, it seems to get worse and worse every year. I grew up here, and that was never an issue when I was a kid. And now, just driving around the state, you can see it just scarring landscapes.


I'm outdoors a lot, and I've lived here my whole life, and I've watched the winters get colder and the summers get hotter, and neither one of those are very fun. We're seeing like over 110 degrees in Spokane, and it's not normal at all. And with the fires getting worse every year, it really cuts down on my ability to go do the things I want to do outside.

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