Primatologist Davis Okoye shares an unshakable bond with George, an extraordinarily intelligent, silverback gorilla that's been in his care since birth. When a rogue genetic experiment goes wrong, it causes George, a wolf and a reptile to grow to a monstrous size. As the mutated beasts embark on a path of destruction, Okoye teams up with a discredited genetic engineer and the military to secure an antidote and prevent a global catastrophe.
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  • Brad Peyton


  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Naomie Harris
  • Malin Akerman
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  • Jake Lacy
  • Joe Manganiello
  • Marley Shelton
  • P.J. Byrne
  • Demetrius Grosse
  • Jack Quaid
  • Breanne Hill
  • Matt Gerald
  • Will Lee
  • Urijah Faber
  • Bruce Blackshear
  • Jason Liles


  • Beau Flynn
  • John Rickard
  • Brad Peyton
  • Hiram Garcia
  • Marcus Viscidi
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Dany Garcia
  • Jeff Fierson
  • Toby Emmerich
  • Richard Brener
  • Michael Disco

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