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Shakespeare in the Parks: Macbeth

For more than four decades, the Bozeman-based theater company Montana Shakespeare in the Parks has been touring some of the greatest pieces of drama around the country, and the summertime brings a couple of those plays to the Pacific Northwest. The best part about these free performances is that they happen outdoors as twilight approaches, in the great New York City tradition. This year’s selections: You Never Can Tell, a late 19th-century George Bernard Shaw farce about the mishaps of a fatherless family, and Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the bloody tragedy of the general who commits murder to claim the Scottish throne. The Shaw comedy will be staged on Saturday night in Liberty Lake, and Macbeth in Sandpoint on Sunday.

Sat, Aug. 19 at 5 pm • Pavilion Park • 727 N. Molter Rd., Liberty Lake • Sun, Aug. 20 at 6 pm • Bonner County Fairgrounds • 4203 N. Boyer Ave., Sandpoint •

— Nathan Weinbender

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