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by KRAMER McNETT & r & & r & & lt;span class= "dropcap " & T & lt;/span & here are two primary types of style: riding style and whatever outerwear you decide to represent. Whether you like crazy neon colors or simple earth tones, "Style is the expression of one's self," says Zumiez Manager Arlea Wills. The same thing goes for someone's type of style when they ride; it's all about how you feel.

This year outerwear style is very diverse, everything from an all black jacket by 686, to the vibrant '80s colors from Airblaster, and even the unique allover prints that almost all the brands are trying. "Burton and DC are popular as far as outerwear, the allover prints with the matching tops and bottoms are also popular," says Wills.

"Style is something that is functional first and looks good second," says Herb Genteman from Sports Creel.

Functionality is the key to style, which raises the undying question: snowboarding pants, tight or baggy? "Tight but not too tight... A comfortably tight," says L77 Owner Jason Cline.

"Baggy, so you have full movement," counters Wills.

The contradicting statements from the style pros proves that style is most definitely an expression of one's self.

"As far as riding style goes, it's something you have or you don't. You're born with it. Big wound up 1080's are out, slow rotations are in," says Cline.

There are many different types of riding styles; such as the backcountry free riders dreaming of powder, or the park junkies' huckin' air and jibbin' rails. There are also the shredders who hang out in the trees carving in fresh powder and searching for natural kickers and rails from fallen trees. Whatever your style is, just rock it like a vandal and stay true to yourself.

For those of you who are unsure about how you ride or what style you have, ask yourself this, what gives you that drive to get up to the mountain? Is it the feeling you get when you're 15 feet in the air upside down, or do chills run up your spine when sinking that sharp edge into a soft blanket of snow? Whatever it is, make sure you stick to your guns (don't listen to your older sister because makeup and heels are definitely not in) and don't just follow the trends because that is how style started, and why not be a trendsetter rather that someone who just follows the crowd? If you ride how you feel and what you feel, you should be a big 10 on the "steeze-ometer" in no time.

-- Kramer McNett

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