Hector Aizon

Tasty Bun

What owner Jeff Skaife came up with for Tasty Bun are four far-from-traditional stuffed bao buns, each priced at $3. The vegan bun is filled with ginger-infused barley, mushrooms and carrots, creating a flavor that truly rivals a steamed pork bun. Tasty Bun's Asian pulled pork offers a hearty taste of Skaife's own kitchen, fusing barbecue and manapua; the latter is Hawaii's version of char siu bao. Two other bun fillings are Skaife's recipes for sloppy Joes and Swedish meatballs. Buns aren't all that's on the menu. The honey sesame dressing topping Tasty Bun's honey sesame chicken salad ($4.50/half, $8.95/full) was created and fine-tuned while studying in Washington State University's MBA program, where Skaife worked on his small but now defunct salad dressing business, Pacific Gourmet. (2019)