June 08, 2020

Temporary murals replace shattered windows across Spokane in the wake of the city's Black Lives Matter protests

Shards of glass and spent tear gas canisters littered the streets of downtown Spokane as curfew fell upon a broken city May 31 after the first of several protests addressing police brutality and the killing of George Floyd.

As people woke up the next morning, many saw it wouldn’t be enough to simply clean the place up. A mood-changing makeover seemed in order. This weekend, several artists, businesses and Spokane Arts together and individually encouraged and created a number of temporary murals painted on wood put in place to cover smashed windows. Here are some of the artists and their work. 

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Jeremey Randrup
“I want people to look at the project and just exhale, breathe a little bit,” artist Desmond Boston said of his work at the Spokane Exercise Equipment store.