June 11, 2020

The 13 video games we've been playing since quarantine

Since quarantine, we've all spent more time indoors. Here are 14 games from Inlander staffers have been playing.
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Ice Pick Lodge
Pathologic 2
Pathologic 2 is the video game about a plague that is blowing my mind right now. Set in the early 20th century in a small town on the Russian steppe, you play a doctor who has returned home after receiving a disturbing letter from your father. There’s a sickness overcoming your town, and it’s up to you to stop it. The haunting atmosphere and gloomy visuals plant this game firmly in the horror genre, but there’s more to it than that… Pathologic 2 immerses the player in a first-hand study in death, disease and folklore. Try as you might, you won’t be able to save everyone. Your decisions (or indecisions) will follow you wherever you go. This is a tough game to play, and it will have you second-guessing everything you do. That’s all by design though. There aren’t many games that dig into your soul the way this one does. Available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.