October 29, 2020

Zombies, witches and Adam Sandler: A rundown of the best and worst new horror films you can stream now

For some of us, horror movie season is a year-round occasion, but our predilection for stories about specters, skeletons and slashers really amps up as soon as the calendar flips to October. Streaming services are lousy with scary movies, but studios have been dropping new Halloween-friendly titles like stray candy wrappers in the last few weeks. So we sifted through the recent glut of horror releases, finding the ones that are scary good and the ones that are just plain boo-ring.

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Inlander Staff
In this South Korean thriller, an unexplained zombie apocalypse has a lonely young man barricading himself in his third-floor apartment that overlooks the mayhem outside. Just as he's about to lose all hope, he discovers there's another survivor in the building across the way, and the very knowledge of another survivor encourages him to break from his confines.

Worth a stream? If you're a fan of undead narratives or South Korean cinema (and you haven't already seen the superior Train to Busan), then yes. It doesn't reinvent the zombie movie wheel, but it's made with a lot of style by first-time director Il Cho. Streaming on Netflix (NATHAN WEINBENDER)