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  • May 24-30, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 32

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  • Citizen Critique - A Knight's T

    Who would have thought that the Middle Ages could be so much fun? A Knight's Tale takes the story of a knight's assistant who wants to be more and sets it against the thundering machismo of a classic rock beat. Female audiences will appre
  • SPJ Awards 2000

    The Inland Northwest Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists presented its 2000 Excellence in Journalism Awards at a banquet last weekend, and we are proud to announce the following 12 winners from The Inlander in the Non-
  • True romance

    It's not surprising that writer Kevin Canty counts the late Raymond Carver as one of his strongest literary influences. Both have a gift for writing mesmerizing short fiction, the sudden quick twist that lets you know you're hooked -- helple
  • An off-limits Alaska

    I come from a long line of Texas earth-divers: prospectors, trappers and explorers who have spent their lives in the successful pursuit of oil and gas. I am proud of our part in supplying the world with energy -- in feeding this country -- and
  • Desert oasis

    If the terrain around Washington's Route 14 on the north bank of the Columbia River were a theme park, it would be Rock-and-Sagebrush-Land. The only ride, of course, would be in a car with no air conditioning and a Tom Petty tape that was g
  • Summer movie extravaganza

    The late, great Screamin' Jay Hawkins once sang, "They took the fourth of July, and they put it in May." That's the attitude Hollywood has been adopting in recent years, pushing back the seasons to make the release dates of their films seem m
  • Big, happy family

    Every century since the Renaissance has had one or two art forms that have come to represent that period in history. Audiences have devoted time and money to the enjoyment of those art forms, and a variety of artists explored the mediums
  • Damn the torpedoes

    Well, the supposed blockbuster of the summer -- make that the year -- sure is big; no doubt there. But will it indeed be a blockbuster? The jury is out, and will be for a few weeks, even after the huge opening it's bound to get. The blockbust
  • Paris in the springtime

    When I was a child, I saw Gigi, the straight play by Anita Loos, and I loved it. It was full of color and excitement, this story of a young girl being groomed to be a Parisian courtesan. I remember bejeweled hair ornaments, hair pile
  • Local briefs

    Comp plan passed SPOKANE -- On Monday, the Spokane City Council finally passed the controversial comprehensive plan, which will chart the city's growth for the next 20 years. The council approved the "Centers and Corridors plan," voting 6
  • Defying logic

    Blending musical styles into something cohesive, accessible and progressive is never an easy task. It requires a delicate touch. It requires you to look forward even as you draw from the past. And beyond knowledge and soulful execution, t
  • CD Review - Depeche Mode

    Over the span of their 20-year career, Depeche Mode has given a dark synthesized voice to the disaffected youth of the planet. On Exciter, their tenth studio album to date, we find the trio teaming up with Bjork producer Mark Bell. Their l

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