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  • May 31 - Jun 6, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 33

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  • Citizen's Critique

    I should have known by looking at the poster that this movie was going to be trouble. The soft focus, J-Lo's luminous eyes, the fading-into-white thing. All I could think was Ice Castles. This is the very worst kind
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  • The need for weed

    Thirty minutes after my chemo infusions, the surges and swells would start and grow until the whole sky was gray and the waves were capped with a vicious silver. Chemo nausea isn't like any other kind. It's relentless. It's driving. Every f
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  • Kickin' It

    Soccer fans have a goal to accomplish this June: see a major league game at Joe Albi Stadium. The Major League Soccer (MLS) team the San Jose Earthquakes will be playing the Seattle Sounders of the United Soccer League's A-League, on We
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  • Letters to the editor

    I read with disappointment the article, "Unsteady Market," by Pia Hansen in the May 10 edition of The Inlander. She states that, "Some vendors didn't agree with the way Jackie Rappe was running things." While this may be the opinion of a very few vendors,
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  • From the land of cotton

    Say what you want to about the music scene here in the Inland Northwest -- diversity is one of its surprisingly strong points. Fans of jazz may not have a regular venue to listen to their music at any more, but performances in vocal, comb
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  • Spokane's Shining Moment

    This summer, when Californians get their weather report, they'll get an added bonus: a rolling blackout forecast. The state's electricity providers will try to give citizens at least four hours' notice before any black- or brownout
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  • Raise the red lantern

    Although the name Baz Luhrmann is not yet anything approaching a household one, a surprising number of people in a diverse array of households have seen the Australian director's films. Strictly Ballroom was a good-sized arthouse hit, and Rom
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  • Farce or melodrama?

    As I left Lake City Playhouse on Friday night, after viewing its final production of the year, See How They Run, a British farce by Philip King, my friend who accompanied me said, "Well, they do great melodrama." To which I responded
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  • When Walmart comes to town

    In 1998, David Glass, the chief operating officer of Wal-Mart, outlined his company's objective: "First we dominate North America, then South America, then Europe and Asia." If Glass had been speaking of any other enterprise, his words mi
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  • CD Review Tool/Lateralus

    The silver cord that has tentatively linked all Tool albums (including Lateralus, their latest aural enigma) is an underlying longing for release and reunion with some version of divinity. Here, singer Maynard James Keenan charts more hopefu
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  • Big Bonuses

    A line near the end of a May 1 New York Times story about the West's electricity crisis raised some eyebrows for seemingly singling out Avista as a winner in the power crisis that has plagued California. Without naming names, Blai
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  • Parking lot laments

    Spokane-area HASTINGS stores have a history of supporting local live music -- stocking local artists in the CD bins and providing a performance space for area musicians is all part of the equation. At the North Division store in particular
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  • Avista's Wild Ride

    Like everybody else involved in energy over the past couple years, Avista has been tossed on the uncertain seas of the worst energy crisis in decades. But unlike some, Avista seems to be coming through the rough patch stronger than
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  • Desert Island Disc

    Placed in said scenario would leave me stranded with plenty of beer (which I invariably would have brought) and no means of ever making it cold. Just looking at it every day, mocking me with its undrinkable warmth, would surely be too much. T

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