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  • Jun 7-13, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 34

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  • The Summer of 1877

    Several generations of Nez Perce American Indians have settled around their elders to listen to stories about their forefathers, and the roles they played in the Nez Perce War back in 1877. They've heard about children clinging to the backs
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  • Fuhrman vs. Sterk

    by Ted S. McGregor After a quiet start, the reaction by the Spokane County Sheriff's Department to Mark Fuhrman's Murder in Spokane has been loud and aggressive -- but it has also missed the point. While Sheriff Mark Sterk has been careful to make sure tha
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  • Comedy slam

    It's not stand-up, scripted or subtle. But it is spontaneous, and it's provocatively funny, the new-to-Spokane brand of humor from SpoComedy -- a new competitive improvisational group housed in the old Magic Lantern Theater. SpoComedy's
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  • Last of the caribou?

    by Patrick Michael Murphy In the still wild Selkirk Mountains, about two hours north of Spokane, live the last Woodland caribou in the United States. They once roamed widely across the northern regions of our country, but the remaining 40 or so now serve
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  • Citizen Critique-Moulin Rouge

    I have not paid much attention to the name Baz Luhrmann in the past, but I will now. Moulin Rouge, in my opinion, is one of the best movies ever made. It has singing and dancing -- a great chorus line and costumes, a lov
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  • Boy, oh boy!

    It's an often-repeated statistic these days that the video game business is bigger than the film industry. As it turns out, while domestic sales of video games are greater than domestic movie ticket grosses, the video game industry doesn
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  • The Man from Atlantis

    by Ed Symkus There are those of us who trudge off to work every day wondering why 5 pm seems so far off. Just as there are many of us who thank their lucky stars for the careers we've managed to carve out. Since he started working for the Disney company i
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  • The flick of a switch

    Turn off the lights when you leave your room," my dad used to yell after me every day as I headed out the door for school. "Who do you think is going to read in there while you're at school? The spiders?" If my dad considered applying f
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  • A taste of Brazil

    Though this Friday night's performance by DESAFINADO will be the first big local gig in recent memory for Spokane's best (okay, and probably only) Brazilian jazz ensemble, the group has by no means been lying dormant. "We've been playin
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  • Gonzaga in Cd'A?

    COEUR D'ALENE -- Gonzaga University is looking into buying a large piece of land located in Cougar Bay, on the south side of the Spokane River across from North Idaho College. Gonzaga is playing host to a meeting here on Monday, looking
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  • Cash savings

    The new electrical buy-back program credits consumers with 5 cents per kilowatt hour (Kwh) saved, above an initial saving of at least 5 percent, compared to the same time last year. It has already paid out $133,681.10 to Washington and
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  • CD Review- R.E.M. Reveal

    A fellow R.E.M. fanatic told me he thought the boys (okay, now grown men) from Athens, Ga., resembled a corporation more than a band these days. That's kind of a bummer for anybody who loves R.E.M. as much as I do -- and as much as he used to -- but after l

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