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  • All-American Ignorance copy

    I learned the other night that the Watergate break-in, the end of the Cold War, the Enron scandal and the whacking of Nancy Kerrigan's knee are all linked. For there are evil forces at work, my friends, powers beyond our imagining... I kno
  • Visual Arts

    Who knew that Spokane was such a hotbed of visual arts activity? While you'll sometimes hear the literati and cognoscenti of our fair environs wax critical of the quantity of local art galleries, the fact remains that we have quite a few. S
  • Film

    Living in the Inland Northwest can be frustrating if you look forward to seeing all the small, independent films that get written up in national magazines. Look at the movie section of Seattle Weekly, for example, and there are jus
  • Opening This Week

    As a character study, this falls short. But as a peek inside the urban ghetto, it's a hip, goofy, slightly serious and rather sweet comedy that spins right along. Ice Cube plays the barbershop owner who might lose the place to a loan shark. (E
  • Kendall Feeney

    Pianist Greg Presley, like a lot of musicians, encounters some music that he identifies with as a performer, and some music that he's simply been asked to play. But when he talks about his collaborations with Spokane's contemporary chamb
  • The Case For Light Rail

    As we consider whether to give the Spokane Transit Authority more money on Tuesday, it might be useful to look ahead a little. By next fall, we may be asked to fund a share of a new light rail line, operated by the STA, linking downtown S
  • Theater

    Spokane's theaters offer shows in categories just like those at the nearest Blockbuster: romantic comedy, drama, classics, musicals, based-on-real-life works, satiric comedy, kids' shows, holiday shows and more. Instead of curling up on t
  • Diary Of A Stage Hand

    When concerts and shows come to town this fall, someone has to prepare the stage. Here in Spokane, it's usually Local 93 of IATSE, the International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees, celebrating 100 years in Spokane this year. T
  • Now Playing

    A solid natural history documentary that explores the beauty and harsh realities of nature in an extreme environment. At the IMAX. (Randy Matin) Austin Powers in Goldmember If you're ready to take a nice cool dip in some quality a/c while experien
  • Kathie Doyle-Lipe

    She is so accomplished as a dancer, actor, director and choreographer that people assume Kathie Doyle-Lipe was a theatrical child prodigy. In fact, she didn't start acting until she had kids of her own. "I first got into it when I was a
  • Prop 1- Now Isn't The Time

    We could say we told you so. Okay, we will: We told you so. Told you, that is, that passing Initiative 695 would gut mass transit here in Spokane and around the state. That's just what happened, and now people who supported that Tim Eyma
  • The Fantastisucks

    Among musicals, The Fantasticks occupies the position of the manual typewriter: a nifty advance in its day, but, excuse me, we're working over here in Word for Windows XP. In 1960, when the show opened off-Broadway, musicals tended to be
  • Classical Music

    On the whole, the upcoming season of classical music events looks similar to seasons of the recent past. There's a fairly healthy variety of offerings to choose from, whether you're looking for new and different sounds or familiar favori
  • Just Out Of Focus

    Making the jump from music videos to feature film, Director Mark Romanek has created something that starts out on the wrong foot, grows quite fascinating, maintains a dazzling visual style -- that's what directing short video pieces will do fo
  • Jasmine Paul

    We like to think we have our fingers on the pulse of the next big local literary phenomenon, and quite frankly, we think A Girl in Parts is it. Written by Jasmine Paul while she lived and worked in Hollywood, the novel tells the story of
  • Letters To The Editor

    Opponents Not Right -- There are a number of inaccuracies regarding Proposition 1 (preservation of public transportation) being stated as fact. Opponents of the proposition have no responsibility to be accurate. Several themes must be ad
  • Red Doesn't Fret

    Just off I-90 in Post Falls, Idaho, sits a quiet, unassuming house. It's a typical house with a typical yard. Nothing out of the ordinary here, except there's a simple red neon sign in the front window that reads "Vintage Guitars." James
  • Buzz Bin

    They're Here! -- The Buzz Bin received a press release the other day from our friends over at Qwest, advising us of an upcoming "photo opportunity." Intrigued, we learned that "thousands of new QwestDex telephone directories are stacked
  • William Layman

    As much as we take the Columbia River for granted in these parts, it's still not hard to forget that long-ago moment of glimpsing it for the very first time. For some of us, it was from the back seat of the family car on some interminable s
  • Inlander Picks

    Hammering at Harvest Time SPORTS -- Completing a "century" (100 miles in a single day) is something of a badge of honor among bicyclists. (Of course, by comparison, competitors ride further nearly every day of the Tour de France.) This S
  • Pop & amp;amp; Jazz

    The nature of popular music is such that shows often get added at the last minute, making previews like this tricky to pull off. Still, there are quite a few shows already penciled into the schedules of local venues. As always, foll
  • Books & amp;amp; Lectures

    How many times have you finished a book with the incontrovertible sense that now you know the author? Not only how he or she thinks, but even how he might dress himself or how she might handle an out-of-left-field query. If there's somethin
  • What's Missing?

    When artists start to talk about art, the conversation frequently turns away from aesthetic concerns and so-and-so's current work, focusing instead on the things that artists want. Gallery shows, theater productions, art supplies, afford
  • High Tech Tip

    At some unspecific point a few years ago, consumers stopped buying new computers. Since then, cell phones and MP3 players have done a pretty good job of distracting people with shiny new toys. But those devices are nothing compared to PD
  • Recently Reviewed

    Nothing ever changes at the P.I. And that's the way we like it. It's old skool pub grub all the way in a super-casual atmosphere: burgers, deli sandwiches, pizza, soups, salads, some dinner entrees and "others," such as the delecta
  • Kristin Capp

    Last summer, we went to investigate claims of there being an Amish bakery north of town with the best pies this side of the Rockies. We found the place, and were immediately charmed by the ramshackle farmhouse, the horse-drawn carriage out
  • Austin Tichenor

    Twenty years ago, at various Renaissance festivals in California, a trio of aimlessly educated smart asses started performing fractured versions of Shakespeare's plays: bad puns, Juliet in drag, Hamlet performed in five minutes, that sort
  • Westminster Chamber

    About three years ago, an idea was germinating at Westminster Congregational United Church. The church community had always supported the arts, so why not take it one step further and actually form an arts organization? Thanks to start-u
  • Galleria DeFelice

    If you didn't know any better, you'd swear that you'd wandered into some remote corner of the European wing of the Seattle Art Museum. With its soft pewter gray walls, wood floors and astonishingly beautiful, enormous landscapes, the new Ga
  • Break The Chains

    Caf & eacute; 5-Ten moved from a humble little location on South Freya two years ago, into a surprisingly pleasant space in the lower level of the Lincoln Heights Shopping Center. The space is made unique by the sunroom windows that wrap aroun
  • Kids Art

    When thinking about what can be made out of clay, most people wouldn't exactly come up with pizza. Pots? Yes. Plates? Yes. Even the occasional tile or bird feeder. But pizza? Nevertheless, it was the all-American pizza pie that was the b
  • Rally in the Valley

    The primary election for the Valley city council is quite a race. There are 48 candidates in the running, and during the past week we contacted every one of them, offering them 100 words to talk about what they'd like to do if elected. On
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Poor Visibility -- Here's an idea somebody might want to copy. A new restaurant just opened in Berlin, the Unsicht-Bar, and it's completely dark. The idea is to give patrons a sense of what it's like to be blind -- and a chance to rely on
  • In Brief

    Sharing the Aquifer -- SPOKANE -- The Gonzaga University School of Law is hosting a one-day conference on the law of the aquifer on Sept. 19. The Spokane-Rathdrum Aquifer is the main source of drinking water for about 400,000 people livin
  • Every Cloud

    Bonnie Raitt's run of success that began with her 1990 hit album Nick of Time has brought obvious benefits to her career - including financial wealth, critical acclaim and industry awards that have made her one of the most honored and resp
  • CD Review - Sparta

    Sparta rose up out of the ashes of the emo super-group At The Drive-In and delivers big with their major-label debut, Wiretap Scars (DreamWorks). At the time it seemed ATDI would forever loom over the former members as an unrealistic meas

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