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  • Jan 30 - Feb 5, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 16

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  • A Bacchanalia of Bach

    In 1979, classical music lovers in the Inland Northwest gathered for the first Northwest Bach festival. The program featured some of Spokane's best known musicians: Ann Fennessy, Kelly Farris, Verne Windham, Thomas Hampson and a host of o
  • Cat and Mouse

    Last things first. I was disappointed with the ending of this film. Without giving anything away, I'll just say it tries way too hard. Director Roger Donaldson (No Way Out) has a flair for plot twists, but this time out he doesn't quite make
  • Game Review

    Forget what you've learned from MTV and Super Bowl ads. America's favorite family isn't the Osbournes. It's the Sims. Sure, they're atypical, what with the mixing of genders, skin colors, shapes, sizes and species; but when it comes to p
  • Recently Reviewed

    Coeur d'Alene Casino -- Skipping the casino's conventional, full-service fare, we headed straight to the buffet line ($9.99), helping ourselves to mini-burritos, taquitos, rice, chicken and even cod. There were a few misses but almost ev
  • Too Strong For Some

    When citizens determined that the time had come for Spokane to have a strong mayor form of government, no doubt they were reacting to the many recent failures of our exhausted council-manager system. Consider just a few: * The Lincoln
  • The Real Deal

    Anyone who has visited my home will recognize the delicious irony in my authorship of an article about housecleaning. My attitude on cleaning leans toward the philosophy of that noted domestic maven, Phyllis Diller. "Housework can't kill
  • Career Slugging Average

    For Lee Blessing's unconventional, dream-like biography of Ty Cobb (at Interplayers through Feb. 15), Director Guy Barile has chosen to create a total environment. Billboards and posters on the wall mimic the advertising you'd find on the
  • Opening Films

    Ararat -- When distinctions are made between art that's heavy and art that's light, Atom Egoyan will always wind up on the somber, sober, Canadian side of the equation. He has said that this attempt to come to terms with the 1915 Armenia
  • Losing Patience

    I'm really excited by George Bush's latest reason for bombing Iraq: He's running out of patience. And so am I! For some time now, I've been really pissed off with Mr. Johnson, who lives a couple of doors down the street. Well, him and Mr.
  • Simply MJ

    "I had an excellent repast--the best repast possible--which consisted simply of boiled eggs and bread and butter. It was the quality of these simple ingredients that made the occasion memorable. The eggs were so good that I am ashamed t
  • Buzz Bin

    Our Time in the Sun? -- It was great to see that Spokane poet (and recent Inlander story subject) Scott Poole made headlines online at both and in's entertainment sections over the past week. We've appreciated Poole f
  • Now Playing

    25th Hour -- Spike Lee's newest joint has Edward Norton as a New York drug dealer getting ready to do seven years in the hoosegow. On his last day and night of freedom, he's seen drinking with his two best pals (Barry Pepper, Philip Seym
  • Letters to The Editor

    Hard to Swallow -- When Seattle and Tacoma inhabitants turn on their faucets for a glass of water, they are swallowing much more than just plain water. They are drinking water contaminated with one of three fluoride compounds: hydroflu
  • Learned Behavior

    In October 1998, a couple of punks took a 21-year-old gay man to a fence on a perpetually windy plateau, beat him until he was encased in his own blood and had lapsed into a coma, then tied him up crucifixion-style and left him to die. S
  • The Real Deal

    What does it mean for a project to be built in a sustainable manner? Well, 15 years ago, the United Nations' World Commission on Environment and Development defined sustainability as "development that meets the needs of the present witho
  • Appetite For Destruction

    Paolo Pelosini's installations look a little like what would have happened if Fred Sanford had suddenly taken it into his mind to become a vigorously successful contemporary artist. A jumble of collapsed metal shopping carts, the cruel jags
  • DVD Review

    A film about women... and their MEN!" The movie posters for All About Eve might have depicted several smiling, breezy couples -- the men in natty suits, the women in broad-shouldered mink coats and high heels -- but the copy was as typically
  • Indie Invasion

    The Sundance Film Festival just ended, but don't worry if you missed it; it will be coming to a multiplex near you sometime this year. What was once a hotbed of unknown talent has rapidly become another limelight in which name-brand cele
  • Viva Mexico!

    When it's cold outside, you gotta turn up the heat. And what better way to spice up your mid-winter doldrums than with red-hot Mexican food? Two new restaurants on the South Hill will do just that. Mi Casa offers authentic taqueria-styl
  • At The Crossroads

    "When I drove across the long bridge," Price recalls, "I thought I was going into hea
  • Antidote to Apathy

    In the critically acclaimed film About Schmidt, the character played by Jack Nicholson has his apathy about the world's problems broken down by opening his eyes to suffering. The power of the film is in Nicholson's performance -- he could b
  • Tuning In, Not Out

    It is one of the most famous spots in advertising history. Known as the "daisy" ad, it aired only once in 1964 and was paid for by Lyndon B. Johnson's campaign. Dramatic in black in white, the daisy ad featured an angelic girl child cou
  • What's Dis?

    A stellar lineup of local talent for one low, low price -- that's what Disfest is all about. Count 'em up: eight young and hungry local bands and one provocative outlander (yep, nine in all) conspire to shake the mid-winter crud from our b
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    About-Face? -- "[The U.S. should not act as though] we were an imperialist power, willy-nilly moving into capitals in that part of the world, taking down governments." -- Vice President Dick Cheney on Meet the Press back in 2000, answeri
  • CD Review

    Mark Knopfler might be the only rock star who has a dinosaur named after him. Really. A bunch of archaeologists paid him the tribute after unearthing a new species a couple years back. Still, "dino-rocker" isn't always a compliment: Look
  • In Brief

    Shop 'n Screen -- SPOKANE - Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS), along with local hospitals, will be offering free health screenings and general health information on Saturday. "We see this as an opportunity for a variety of folks to
  • Arena in Hock?

    It was supposed to be a new kind of project for Spokane. Governments would cooperate and citizens would be consulted. Due diligence would be the order of the day. Maybe in the process of expanding the convention center and fixing u

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