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  • Feb 13-19, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 18

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  • Devil's Advocate

    It's a few seconds after Colin Farrell's second big fight scene as comic-book nemesis Bullseye in Daredevil when a wiry, average-sized figure rises and leaves the screening room. A few seconds pass and a waft of cigarette smoke drifts throu
  • Sailing On

    A century and a quarter after W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan began their comic-opera partnership, G & amp;S freaks are still lurking about. Drop the word "pinafore" into conversation, and you'll be confronted with choruses of "Then give three
  • Franz Would Be Proud

    On a recent expedition to downtown Cheney, Team Inlander discovered Kafka Coffee House nestled into one corner of the ground floor of EWU's new campus housing complex, Brewster Hall. Initial impressions were formed as menus were perused.
  • Two Part Harmony

    Couples -- the kind that stay together for decades or an entire lifetime -- have a great perspective on sorting out difficulties. "It's not about somebody giving in or not," says Cipa Dichter, about her relationship with her husband Misha.
  • High Tech Tip

    There are several ways to take and send pictures with your cell phone, but the most intuitive method is to use a phone with a built-in or attachable camera. There are several available, each with a specific service provider who you'll ne
  • Opening Films

    Daredevil -- Marvel and Fox are positioning Daredevil as a dark, second-level comics hero, hoping to evade comparisons to Spider-Man. With the dozens of Marvel titles in development, they can't all be super-terrific, and Daredevil is lik
  • To The Mountain Top

    Coltrane at the Village Vanguard in 1965. Alvin Ailey's premiere of Reflections in '62. Paul Gonsalves' solo with the Duke at Newport in '56. If you had known at the time how explosive these performances would be, how famous they would b
  • Buzz Bin

    Picking Up the Slack -- So who doesn't want to get lei'd on Valentine's Day? Sorry. We're juvenile. We can't help it. But we couldn't resist the temptation, given the fact that Hawaiian slack key guitar virtuoso George Kahumoku Jr. is pl
  • Now Playing

    About Schmidt -- Jack Nicholson delivers a different-than-usual tour-de-force in this seriocomic road movie about a just-retired and just-widowed fellow who tries to make his aloof daughter see that she's marrying the wrong guy -- and get
  • The Real Deal

    You know the feeling: you walk into a room and you can feel the energy being sucked right out of you. It's difficult to summon up the momentum to do anything. Or else the room makes you twitchy, distracted, unable to concentrate. Convers
  • Letters to The Editor

    Testi-Mining -- I want to thank The Inlander for a very informative article regarding the unfortunate development of the Spokane Rock Products Quarry ("Cul-de-sac Mining," 2/6/03). My house sits on the rim of the quarry, and I have had
  • Keep The Music Playing

    With the organ performance by James David Christie at St. Augustine's Church on Saturday, the 2003 Northwest Bach Festival closed the curtain on another successful, if financially challenging year. Once again, Gunther Schuller graced the
  • DVD Review

    As the directors Paul and Chris Weitz (American Pie) point out in the "Making Of" commentary, About a Boy (based on the novel by Nick Hornby) is not about one boy, but two. One is 38-year-old Will (Hugh Grant), a well-heeled slacker who liv
  • Simply MJ

    Beyond your typical garden of vegetables, consider growing some decorative and beautiful grains. Most varieties of modern grains grown on a large scale have been developed for machine processing. However, heirloom and antique grains a
  • Recently Reviewed

    Coffee House -- Coffee House (across the street from the Rock Pointe office complex) has an informal-but-inviting groove: not too cozy nor too edgy but somewhere in between. There are about a dozen tables, plus overstuffed chairs and ple
  • Your Own Private Idaho

    by Dan Egan Idaho?!! Why Idaho?" That was the response from the friends of Peter and Joanne Renkert when they moved from Connecticut to 60 acres in the outback of Bonner County five years ago. Since then, when some of those friends have come out to visit
  • The Band Plays On

    Every year around this time, the vibes down in Moscow get good -- really good. For four days each February, the small college town undergoes a transformation, one that attracts the attention of jazz fans the world over. I'm speaking of the
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff "What would you not do?" -- That's the rhetorical question President Bush's Budget Director Mitch Daniels posed to reporters last month when he released the president's budget, which includes a $307 billion deficit and does not take into
  • On The Scene - B-Side

    Upon arrival at the B-Side, I was welcomed by a burgeoning crowd that was already feeling the groovy tunes in the house. The many paintings and sporadic graffiti provided a cooled-out atmosphere that enhanced my entire musical and cultura
  • Patriot Act, The Sequel

    by Jake Tapper As recently as Feb. 3, Justice Department staffers had been telling Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, that despite rumors to the contrary, they were not drafting any legislation that woul
  • CD Review

    Walking With Thee (Domino) finds Liverpool-based Clinic burrowing out of garage rock's dead-end alley with the same ferocity and focus that made their 2001 debut, Internal Wrangler, such an unexpected, demented delight. This band produces
  • Of God and War

    It's the kind of question that has people seeking guidance from spiritual leaders, and it's undoubtedly t
  • In Brief

    Uncle Sam is Watching -- PULLMAN - Starting this week, foreign exchange students at Washington State University will be subject to mandatory on-line tracking. WSU has more than 1,000 foreign students, from more than 100 countries, whic

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    • "Don't leave; God has something for your here. Christians have no color."

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  • Re: Alleged sexual harassment, public records and Mayor Condon’s re-election

    • Is Stuckart really outraged, or is he trying to seize power and marginalize Condon?

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