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  • Apr 10-16, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 26

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  • The Real Deal

    Capistrano has swallows and the nation's capital has cherry blossoms, but here in the Northwest, it's a sure sign of spring when Starbucks rolls out its featured Frappuccino flavors for the eseason. We need such outward signs because the
  • Buzz Bin

    This Just In... -- Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader will deliver a free lecture, with Q & amp;A to follow, at WSU's Beasley Coliseum on Thursday, April 17 at 7:30 pm. Nader's topic will be "Human Energy and Activism in the New Mill
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff Anger Management -- Jack Nicholson is back to his old mugging, leering, scene-stealing self as a psychiatrist court-ordered to help Adam Sandler with his "anger problem." The good doctor's techniques are a little bit questionable as he i
  • Simply MJ

    by Mary Jane Butters Welcoming the day - Running late? How often do you grab a banana on the way out of the house in the morning, or say to yourself that you'll eat something later, that you aren't really hungry yet? Breakfast is probably your most import
  • Understanding the Urban Plight

    Our endless community discussions regarding economic development seem always to produce a predictable to-do list: We need a more effective mayor; or a city council with a vision; or a more aggressive Chamber; a stronger school system; mor
  • Now Playing

    ** A Man Apart -- Genuinely gritty R-rated action from the director of Set it Off stars Vin Diesel as the most unsympathetic of DEA agents. With Larenz Tate and a bunch of bullets. Directed by F. Gary Gray. (RP) Rated: R *** About Schmi
  • Life Threw Him A Curveball

    Rob Ramsay has baseball on his mind, now that he no longer has a baseball-sized tumor on his brain. Barely a year removed from the 10-hour operation that saved his life, Ramsay is back on the mound. The former Washington State star drov
  • Letters to The Editor

    Spokane: Best-Kept Secret -- I found the homecoming article ("So Long, Spokane," 3/27/03) interesting, and wish those pursuing it success, but there is a much larger untapped population here who did not grow up in the Inland Northwest,
  • DVD Review

    In director Todd Haynes' first film, Superstar, he told the story of pop singer Karen Carpenter and her battle with anorexia nervosa, using a cast of Barbie dolls on miniature sets. In his latest film, Far From Heaven, he gets to manipul
  • King of the Commonplace

    Writers learn early on that life's little annoyances - the blaring car alarm, the thumping bass from the neighbor's stereo, the barking dog next door - can be turned into material for their work. What sweet relief it is no longer to be h
  • Recently Reviewed

    Aki's Grill and Sushi Express -- Aki's is tidy, friendly and intimate in a way that encourages conversation. In addition to sushi, the menu features grilled chicken, steak and salmon with teriyaki sauce, tempura shrimp and veggies, chick
  • Call Guy

    The beginning is a playful one, with some great a cappella singing about an operator, and dizzying shots charging from communications satellites up in space down to the phone-centric denizens of Times Square, where everyone is walking around
  • High Tech Tip

    by Marty Demarest Which video game system is the best?" I'm asked that question a lot. And for a long time, my standard answer was that it depended on the type of games that questioners wanted to play. It's a lame answer, but it worked. Lately, however, I
  • Lunch Counter

    I feel a certain amount of trepidation every time I enter a place that is "a Spokane institution." I'm not sure if it's the word "institution" that scares me, or if it's the notion that something that survives for years in Spokane might
  • Nightlife Listings

    To get listed in this section, we need your information by Thursday, one week prior to publication. Oh, and band bios and photos are always much appreciated. Send to Mike Corrigan. Fax: 444-4772; e-mail: & lt;a href= & quot;mailto:mike@inlander & quot; & [email protected] & lt;/a
  • Operation - Tort Reform

    In the classic old board game Operation, it takes a steady hand to extract that "wrenched" ankle with a pair of tweezers. But in real life, there are horrifying stories of doctors leaving clamps and sponges inside patients after an operati
  • CD Review

    We're supposed to choose our music regardless of whatever images it's packaged with, but there's something about the cover of Kathleen Edwards' Failer that effortlessly captures everything this album is about. A big clumsy Chevy Suburban si
  • In Brief

    Profile in Race -- SPOKANE -- Amadou Diallo was killed on Feb. 4, 1999 -- shot to death by four police officers in the hallway to his Bronx apartment. The 23-year-old worked in New York City as a street vendor, saving money to continue to
  • Anything But Slack

    Ten years is a long time to slug it out in the mean streets of indie rock. You gotta love endurance like that, because quite frankly, there are times -- when gigs get cancelled, audiences are ambivalent, money is scarce and the van craps o
  • Wielding The Axe

    & quot;We're marching on Baghdad, & quot; quipped state Senate Majority Leader Jim West, R-Spokane, as the GOP won another battle in its war on taxes last week. Democrats admit their troops are badly divided, but still predict victory in their e
  • On The Scene

    Organic vegetables and sumptuous fruits don't often serve as backdrop for live music performances, unless of course you happen to be at Huckleberry's. Saturday night's menu at the hip, health-conscious South Hill market served up a portio

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