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  • May 15-21, 2003
  • Vol. 10, No. 31

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  • Letters to The Editor

    Raging On -- This is in response to the article regarding the 10th & amp; Maple Safety Improvement Project ("Road Rage," 5/08/03). There is a lot of talk about losing parking to bicycle lanes. Yes, people are going to lose parking, and ther
  • The Real Deal

    High up on the Five Mile Prairie in north Spokane sits an empty red brick schoolhouse, the windows and doors covered with plywood. For 30 years, neighborhood children learned the basics inside its two sun-splashed classrooms and ate home
  • Book Review

    & & by Ted S. McGregor, Jr. & & When you try to understand the state of the world, it can feel a bit like looking at individual puzzle pieces. Read The Future of Freedom (W.W. Norton) and you'll be able to finally put them all together. You might have seen
  • Now Playing

    *** About Schmidt -- Jack Nicholson delivers a different-than-usual tour-de-force in this seriocomic road movie about a just-retired and just-widowed fellow who tries to make his aloof daughter see that she's marrying the wrong guy. (ES)
  • Simply MJ

    Family-Friendly Travel -- When I was a child, everyone had bigger families and bigger cars, usually station wagons. We were herded into the far back, usually for long trips, without seat belts or safety locks. There was very little ar
  • Strikin' Gold

    Spokane has a high percentage of restaurants per capita for a city this size," declares Donna Tikker, Director of the Spokane Chapter of the Washington Restaurant Association. And we couldn't agree more. With new restaurants openi
  • A Bingle Shindingle

    Bing Crosby was born 100 years ago, on May 3, 1903. There are those who will dispute that date, citing Crosby's grave marker at Holy Cross Cemetery in Los Angeles, and the U.S. Postal Service's 1994 Bing Crosby stamp, which gives 1904 as
  • DVD Review

    As the man responsible for a good number of the top-grossing films of all time, Steven Spielberg doesn't have to try very hard. He merely needs to come up with an idea, mention it to a few people and suddenly he has resources at his disp
  • Old Fox, New Tricks

    During the war years, Patrice Munsel left Spokane, made good in the Big Apple and returned in triumph as a Metropolitan Opera star. Friday night, she'll make her second appearance on the stage of the Fox Theater. A mere 59 years passed i
  • Recently Reviewed

    Far West Billiards -- This is much more than merely a prime spot to get in a game of 8-ball. Far West is an easy going neighborhood joint with a good jukebox, good booze, friendly servers and interesting chow. The fish taco platter ($8)
  • SPJ Awards

    On Saturday night in Coeur d'Alene, the Inland Northwest Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists handed out its annual awards for achievements in journalism published in 2002. Competing in the non-daily category, The Inlander
  • A Wild Ride

    It's been a full four years since The Matrix was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. Four years since critics were divided -- arguing that the film was either brilliant or a ridiculous hodgepodge of borrowed philosophical ideas and groundbr
  • Buzz Bin

    Parsley, Sage, etc. -- Last week we told you all about the auspicious opening weekend of Moscow's Farmers Market and neglected to mention that many of the other regional farmers markets are opening as well. How could we forget the Kooten
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff **** The Matrix Reloaded -- The ante was upped, just due to the unexpected success and groundbreaking visuals of The Matrix. But writer-directors the Wachowski brothers have nothing to worry about concerning acceptance of this follow-up.
  • Reviving The Good Ol' Days

    When I was growing up in the Boston area during the '60s and '70s, FM radio emerged as the voice for those who lived outside the mainstream. Classical music ruled a couple of spots on the dial, but in places like Spokane, the legendary K
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff More on the Story -- In this week's special report on radio, we mention that the Federal Communications Commission is set to vote in early June on sweeping new changes to the rules governing how much media one company can own. After our
  • Cautionary Tale

    The Telecommunications Act of 1996 deregulated the radio industry, removing restrictions on how many stations one entity could own in a single market. It was written by Republican lawmakers in Washington, D.C., under considerable pressure
  • Who's Listening?

    Executives at Citadel certainly used Arbitron ratings to help decide whether to changes the Peak's format from AAA to classic rock. But after a downturn in its last ratings book, when the decision was being made, the Peak spiked up
  • Mini Warp

    Those industrious lads in 10 Minutes Down always seem to have something happening in the hive, always seem to have the kettle on, always seem to be pouring concrete, always... well, you get the nub of my gist, right? This Saturday night is
  • Log Jam

    President Bush dukes it out with environmentalists over forest policy.
  • The Buzzard Has Landed

    Radio waves are passing through you right now, traveling through every cell in your body. Even in the dead of night, when the only visible light falling on your snoozing form is the red glow of the alarm clock dial, you are bathed in radi
  • Deregulation - Pushing For copy

    Clear Channel Communications, the radio and concert conglomerate so many people love to hate, has a new batch of disgruntled critics to deal with. But this time it's not the musicians who claim that the entertainment giant plays hardball
  • In Brief

    Urban Park -- SPOKANE - Developer Rob Brewster is planning to build a park -- not the grassy kind, but Havermale Park, a $16 million, mixed-use development located on the block between Sprague, Bernard, Riverside and Browne. The project i
  • Satellite Radio To The Rescue

    Two years ago, the soundtrack to the Coen brothers' O Brother, Where Art Thou? took the music industry by storm. It picked up Grammy awards for album of the year, best soundtrack, best male country vocal performance (Ralph Stanley), best c
  • CD Review

    There are times when you really can judge a book by its cover, particularly if that book is actually a brave new album by UK band, Kaito. This 50/50 girl/boy squad (comprised of vocalist/guitarist Nikki Colk, bassist Gemma Cullingford, gu
  • A Sick System

    The healthcare system in our country is sick. One out of 10 Washingtonians -- and 41 million Americans in all -- are without health insurance. The costs of medical technology and prescription drugs are at historic levels. Physicians say they

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