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  • May 8-14, 2003
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  • Art Spirit's New Space

    When Mel McCuddin's show opens Friday, it will be doing so in the stunning new surroundings of Coeur d'Alene's Art Spirit Gallery. Owner Steve Gibbs made the decision to move closer to downtown last winter and bought one of the most unlikel
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  • DVD Review

    If you can't see it in a theater, the only decent way to watch Ran -- and you should watch Ran -- is in its new DVD incarnation. Directed by the late Japanese master Akira Kurosawa at the apex of his talents, Ran is a work of art that coul
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  • Inside The College Rankings

    The Spokesman-Review recently reported on the GU Law School's ranking according to U.S. News and World Report. The article created the false impression that these rankings are somehow scientific and beyond reproach. The Spokesman noted th
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  • High Tech Tip

    by Marty Demarest The other day I started talking to my computer. I told it a number of fables by Aesop, read it something by Bill Gates, and even dictated Bertrand Russell's The Problems of Philosophy to it. When I was done, my computer understood me -- a
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  • How The West Was Yum

    Dining establishments right under our noses are often the very ones we seem (unintentionally) to overlook. Such has been the case with Far West Billiards, located a mere three blocks from our offices. This place -- one of our favorite wate
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  • A Deal With The Devil

    It's not hard to imagine what is meant by the term "dramatic music." With film scores and music videos familiar even to people who don't follow popular culture, the idea that music can enhance or tell a story on its own is unremarkable t
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  • The Real Deal

    Early in the 1890s, German immigrant Franz Pietsch bought a small lot in the newly-platted residential area now known as Peaceful Valley and built a tidy brick home for his family. Pietsch and his wife, Augusta, had come to the United St
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  • Darkness Visible

    His paintings are like ghosts. Like visitations from the kinds of dreams that hurl you awake -- heart pounding and sweat drenched -- in the middle of the night. Dark figures block out the light on enormous, murky canvases -- a raven, a dog, a
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  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff Daddy Day Care -- Eddie Murphy plays Charlie, an ad exec who loses his job when his cereal campaign flops. Stuck at home with the kid -- is this plot starting to sound like a certain 1983 Michael Keaton film? -- Charlie teams up with his b
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  • Running Behind

    Last week, Mayor John Powers donned a hardhat and went out to fix a couple of potholes. Campaigning on his behalf? Perhaps, but at the same time, a fitting image of how public officials, politicians and consultants have been tinkering wit
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  • Simply MJ

    Take a Kid Camping -- Kids need to be outside. Camping is a great way to develop their young minds, with the added benefit of prying them from television and video games. Gathering firewood is a great way to entertain kids when you
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  • Buzz Bin

    What a Deal -- Here in the Buzz Bin, we know how to live frugally. We share lunches. We steal office supplies. We drink gallons of work coffee. We hoard quarters with the wild-eyed greed of Gollum, shrieking "Mine! Mine!" So you can imag
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  • Now Playing

    *** About Schmidt -- Jack Nicholson delivers a different-than-usual tour-de-force in this seriocomic road movie about a just-retired and just-widowed fellow who tries to make his aloof daughter see that she's marrying the wrong guy. (ES)
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  • Letters to The Editor

    Living Downtown -- I am a resident of downtown Spokane and have been excited about all the development in the core of the city over the past several years. Dave Hamer and others had many practical suggestions for improving and revitali
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  • Jives of the Faint

    With All in the Timing and Mere Mortals, David Ives bolted onto the American theatrical scene like some kind of enfant terrible et comique. He wrote smart, absurd, comedies, full of serious wordplay and amusing ruminations: the Donald Bar
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  • Recently Reviewed

    Catacombs pub -- With only an understated sign marking the entrance, this pub is easy to miss. Don't, because it's a fun subterranean space with a medieval-castle feel, thanks to massive oak beams across high ceilings, huge wrought iron
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  • Missing The Party

    Chris Vance is running out of time. The chair of the Washington State Republican Party has an ambitious work plan--the transformation of the state GOP into, as he puts it, "a Northwest version of George W. Bush." Vance knows how to g
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  • CD Review

    Rosanne Cash's 10 Song Demo was one of the surprise classics of the '90s. When Johnny's daughter sent Capitol Records a batch of raw songs for her next CD, the suits loved them so much they all just decided to release them as is. I
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  • Suicide By Greed

    Consider the phrase "risk management." It sounds sensible, prudent, the height of fiduciary responsibility. It means, or should mean, hedging one's bets -- protecting your investments, for example, against the possibility of market crashe
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  • In Brief

    Campy Crowds -- OLYMPIA, Wash. - The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is recommending campers gear up for a busy Memorial Day weekend. Dust off your gear and whip out your guidebooks, camping season has begun. "I think th
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  • Naughty Newt

    During the 1990s, Congress put the State Department and the budget fo
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  • Road Rage

    Dangerous intersections are a curse to drivers, and anyone who lives near the South Hill arterial of Cedar Street knows this all too well. The one-way streets of Maple and Walnut merge into Cedar, connecting drivers to the upper South Hill
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  • Changes Rolling In

    The Spokane Transit Authority has an image problem. That probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who's lived in this area for more than a year, but what may be a huge surprise is that the STA is starting to do something about it. A
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  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    by Inlander Staff Back in Dixie -- Could it be that the self-righteous suits and stars of country music are out of step with their fans? It kind of looks that way, now that the Dixie Chicks are back on the road after Natalie Maines' poor choice of words d
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  • On The Scene

    As a band name, "Canned Music" makes me think of something sterile, bland and possibly old. On Saturday at the Rocket Bakery in the heart of beautiful downtown Millwood, however, my preconceptions got altered. The group is comprised of

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  • Guest & amp;amp; Co.

    Christopher Guest may be one of those chameleon actors who is fairly impossible to recognize from one film to the next -- just look at his faces in Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show and this new one. But in looking at those same three films, w

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