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  • Feb 21-27, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 19

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  • Buzz Bin

    by MICHAEL BOWEN & r & & r & Hormel Is Happy & r & & r & Best of Broadway theatergoers will be eating "ham and jam, and Spam a lot" when the Monty Python musical drops into the INB Center for eight performances. You'll have to wait 15 months, however: King Arthur w
  • Opening Films

    by INLANDER STAFF & r & & r & BE KIND REWIND & r & & r & When video store clerks played by Jack Black and Mos Def accidentally erase all the VHS tapes in the store, they frantically attempt to replace them by recording their own renditions of classic films. Directo
  • The Player

    by MARTY DEMAREST & r & & r & Advance Wars: Days of Ruin & r & Rated Everyone 10+; Nintendo DS & r & 4 Stars & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & L & lt;/span & et's do the math. Advance Wars, published in 2001, was a military strategy game in which tiny units (a soldier represent
  • Book Review

    In Eli Gottlieb's new novel, Now You See Him, a man loses his childho
  • Now Playing

    by THE INLANDER & r & & r & 27 DRESSES & r & & r & Twenty-seven times the maid of honor, never the bride. After a couple dozen weddings that aren't your own, you'd think it'd get easier facilitating other people's dreams while sublimating your own. It hasn't for Ja
  • Recently Reviewed

    The Inlander Staff & r & & r & CHURCHILL'S & r & & r & Churchill's aims to do one thing: provide you with the best beef you've ever tasted. And these are some seriously pampered cuts of meat. The restaurant's interior harks back a century, with a pianist at the shi
  • Pothole Prayers

    by JOEL SMITH & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & S & lt;/span & aturday night, and you're making plans for a night on the town. Same with the three guys wearing reflector vests over hooded sweatshirts on Maxwell Avenue, shoveling a lukewarm mix of asphalt and polymer
  • Nightlife Bar Guide

    & & by & & Luke Baumgarten, Tim Bross, Ann M. Colford, Jeff Echert, Jacob H. Fries, Ben Kromer, Mick Lloyd-Owen, Tammy Marshall, Bart Mihailovich, Doug Nadvornick, Clayton Rau, Carrie Scozzaro, Joel Smith, Liz Strauch, Blair Tellers & & & r & & r & & & & lt;span cla
  • Take Two

    JUMPER & r & & r & by BEN KROMER & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & N & lt;/span & o movie in years has inspired the feeling of impending doom the way Jumper has. That's mostly a personal issue, though; every time I saw a Jumper commercial I thought, "Oh God, I hope I don'
  • Under Wraps

    by KEVIN TAYLOR & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & S & lt;/span & hall we wrap the homeless in furs? It's a crazy notion, but one that seems to work for Spokane. Consider a story related in the aftermath of last year's tent city, where dozens of homeless people pitche
  • DVD Review

    Crazy Love & r & & r & by TAMMY MARSHALL & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & W & lt;/span & hy is watching a train wreck so fascinating? There must be a reason. Why else do the paparazzi make so much dough off of photos of Britney Spears? Must be kind of like watching a rel
  • Fresh & amp;amp; Tasty

    DINING Browne's Bistro & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & A & lt;/span & nthony Anton, the head of the Washington Restaurant Association, recently mentioned that Spokane is ahead of the rest of the state in one emerging food trend -- fine dining establishments in our r
  • Gypsy's Turn

    by MARY STOVER & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & L & lt;/span & ike any great Broadway show, Gypsy is a story that can strike at the hearts, or nerves, of everyone in attendance. The heart of the show is Mama Rose, a crazy, helicopter parent and stage mother who hove
  • Remote Possibilities

    by TED S. McGREGOR JR. & r & & r & Real Time with Bill Maher & r & & r & (Fridays, 11pm, HBO) & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & I & lt;/span & n the ever-expanding universe of political punditry, Bill Maher occupies the most far-out orbit -- a place where swearing and off-color
  • Ombudsman Shuffle

    by STEVE BLEWETT & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & T & lt;/span & he Spokesman-Review recently hired a new ombudsman and is touting its new ethics code. Both are admirable steps, but how effective either will be in restoring confidence in the paper's credibility afte
  • Sacred Passions

    by ANN M. COLFORD & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & T & lt;/span & he Northwest Bach Festival has unfolded later this year than in prior years, with events distributed over three weekends rather than the usual two, so there's been a somewhat more languorous feeling t
  • C'est L'amour

    by STEVEN R. NEUMAN & r & & r & As a restaurant critic it's always troubling, but not unwelcome, to realize that you've fallen head over heels for a potential review. After a close inspection of Madeleine's Caf & eacute; and Patisserie during many visits it seems nearl
  • Green Science

    by TIM BROSS & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & T & lt;/span & oday's lecture examines the grocery bag, its function and place in society. Colin Thomas, a visiting faculty member at Gonzaga, paces in front of his students. Ironically, many of them are holding disposab
  • Bomb Garden

    by LUKE BAUMGARTEN & r & & r & First Days of Disco & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & S & lt;/span & alsa's great. The DJs in this town are phenomenal. With the former attracting mostly older peeps and the latter bringing mostly club kids and a few hippies, though, there a
  • Spots in the Snow

    Long before any rumblings of global warming surfaced, winter thaws gladdened the hearts of frozen residents of the Inland Northwest, and early fur trade journals record wild swings in temperature that would reduce a firm base of winter snow to an impossible glush within two day's time.
  • Sound Advice

    Thursday, 2/21 Artisan, DJ Fusion Big Easy, Exodus, Goatwhore, Arsis Bluz at the Bend, Riverside R & amp; B Brooklyn Nights, Groove Patrol Caterina, Brian Griffing, Paul A
  • Shades of Terror

    by ROBERT HEROLD & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & P & lt;/span & resident Bush's insistence that his War on Terror requires that Congress grant blanket immunity to phone companies that conspire with his administration to spy on Americans absent probable cause, fairl
  • Palpitations

    by DUSTIN CARROLL & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & G & lt;/span & rindcore is the sort of music genre you don't hear about very often in the mainstream, or even the local music scene for that matter. Ever since bands like Napalm Death and Sore Throat emerged in the
  • CD Reviews

    MGMT & r & & r & Oracular Spectacular & r & & r & 4 STARS & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & I & lt;/span & t is difficult to condense a sense of the experience of listening to the debut album from Brooklyn's latest super-hipster duo. (That's "Management" to you and me.) The di
  • Trail Mix

    by TED S. McGREGOR JR. & r & & r & Way To Go, Washington! & r & & r & In this space a few weeks ago, we mentioned that our own Evergreen State must have the most confounding presidential primary anywhere. We've got a caucus, and a vote -- but the Democrats aren't co

Music & Film

  • Paper Tiger

    by JEFF ECHERT & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & P & lt;/span & aper Mache's manifesto runs like so: "In a culture of predictability and contrived emotion, honesty is the currency by which art is valued."The Spokane band, led by charismatic frontman Seth Woodward, em
  • High School Wheeler-Dealer

    by ED SYMKUS & r & & r & & lt;span class= & quot;dropcap & quot; & D & lt;/span & oes a comedy with slightly too-hip dialogue that's delivered in slightly too breezy fashion stand a chance after Juno? Absolutely, if it's done with the aplomb and, in many cases, the restraint, of Charlie

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