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It took renovating an old drug house on the Lower South Hill for Damian Putney to discover his passion. That passion was House of Ghosts, one of Spokane's most promising up-and-comers. Read our profile of the band here, and check them out tonight at the band's CD release show at the Bing Crosby Theater with Cathedral Pearls. 7:30 pm. All-ages. Also, check out one of their songs, which The Inlander used as the soundtrack to our latest video. 

Be still, hearts of you Bad Penmanship fans out there. The local hip-hop collective throws one hell of a show tonight on the rooftop of the Saranac (21 W. Main Ave.) featuring some of their best, and most promising talent. In order of appearance: the Kid Item 9, pWrecks, King Skellee the Great, Them Meddling Kids, Jaeda, ADHD, Kay Clifton, Infinite Penz and WARN AWAY — which features BP guru Freetime Synthetic and beat extraordinaire, Dan Ocean. 7 pm. All-ages.

Other notable shows to check out:

Museum of Arts & Culture, BeGin! featuring Old Bear Mountain and Locke. (All-ages)

Mootsy's, Cursive Wires (21)

Spokane Interstate Fair, Blues Traveler (All-ages)


Bullets or Balloons might surprise you. The newest project from ex-Cyrus Fell Down-ers Aaron Anderberg and Cory Mason Phipps, and former Mistress and the Misters vocalist Chris Henderson, the trio makes a sound that is playful and irreverent, with that signature driving bass that was so characteristic of Cyrus. They make upbeat rock songs that are kooky and off-time. It’s new rock music that has an older, 1990s Nada Surf kind of sound. Catch them tomorrow night at Mootsy's with Summer in Siberia and Ultra Peach. 10 pm. 21.

Other notable shows:

A Club, The Lion Oh My, Mirror Mirror, DJ Ben Jorgens (21)

Main Avenue Block Downtown, Sustainable Uprising feat. Nude Pop, Mirror Mirror, the Strangers, Concept (All-ages)

Northern Quest Casino, Crosby, Stills and Nash (18)


When upside-down cross wearing metalheads were still in pampers, bands like Ministry, KMFDM and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult — or TKK — were scaring and thrilling and screaming their strange industrial tunes in underground clubs around the world. You could call it the dark wave of the early 1990s: dance music that was macabre in content, full of shrieks and drug-addled beats. As TKK, the band projected itself as a crazed sex cult that was a little bit circus and a lot sadomasochism. That drew the band love from both rock and goth crowds, and pretty much anyone who thinks sex is funny/fun. Check them out at the A Club at 7 pm on Sunday. $12. (21)

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What to do over the last full weekend of summer

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Not to be a downer, but this weekend is the last official full weekend of summer. The first day of fall is next Saturday. So, with that in mind, here are some fun things you could do this weekend to cap off Summer 2012, or to celebrate the coming of fall - whichever is more your style. 


The Spokane County Interstate Fair wraps up this Sunday, so if you've been meaning to go, this is your last chance. 

Through the weekend, at several different times each day, the always-entertaining kids' Mutton Bustin' competition will be held, during which competitors basically hang on to a pissed-off sheep for as long as they can without falling off. Don't worry - they wear helmets.

If moseying around and just seeing the animals, exhibits and demonstrations is more your thing, there will be lots of that until the end, too, including butter-churning demos, rope making demos, and ribbon awarding ceremonies for all kinds of neat farm animals.


Tonight, (Friday) '90s blues group Blues Traveler takes the main stage at 7 pm. Tickets are $10-$20 in addition to general gate admission.

Saturday's big event is the Monster Truck Show, taking place at both 2 pm and 7 pm. 

The last big event to close out this year's fair is the Demolition Derby on Sunday at 4 pm.


Two more big outdoor events will take place around Spokane this weekend, including Sustainable Uprising, a celebration of the Inland Northwest's great youth culture. See sustainable vendors, up-and-coming local fashion prodigies, and lots of art that showcases Spokane's more progressive generation. The event takes place all along the Main Ave. block between Division and Browne, and includes a concert by local favorites Mirror Mirror, The Strangers, Concept and Nude Pop. Head to the street fair any time from 7 pm to midnight to join in on the fun.


If you're looking for a good time to get your workout in this weekend, why not participate in GU's annual 5K fundraiser, The Human Race? The event on Saturday morning benefits Partners in Health, an international nonprofit that raises money for health care in poor communities around the world. The race was founded by Kristina Glover, a former GU Law student who started the event in 2007 and passed away from cancer the following year. 

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CAT FRIDAY: Space Cats

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Several weeks ago while perusing Facebook, I came across an interesting photo posted by one of the many cat-related pages I follow. After doing a bit of research on the good ol’ Interwebs, I found out all of the exciting information shared in this week’s post. To the right is the image that started it all.


Because the cover, title, and probably the storyline of this book sounded so damn cool – and probably filled with trippy drug references that would totally fly over most kid’s heads – I began looking for places where I could get my hands on this glorious book. Little did I know at the time that I was about to stumble upon an entire series of stories on this wide-eyed, intrepid feline explorer. 

Turns out, there are at a total of four Space Cat books that were originally published between 1952 and 1958, right at the start of the Space Race between the U.S. and Russia that began in ’57 with the Russian’s launch of Sputnik. 

Having been an avid reader since I learned how, I now totally want these vintage, weird, kitty-themed books for my own collection. Alas, though, I soon found out that I’d have to drop $100 bucks or more for each book, because it seems this now-out-of-print series are pretty hard to find and also are pretty coveted by others. If anyone has these lying around their basement, let me know.

What I also discovered is that there seems to be two versions of the Space Cat on Mushrooms book… but more likely is the title isn't real at all, and the above image was created by someone being funny with Photoshop. The only book that I could really find any information (or actual copies for sale) is actually called Space Cat Meets Mars.Unless, though, the publishers were forced to rename the book after getting complaints for its drug-referencing title? I couldn't find anything that seemed to indicate this, so for now it remains a mystery.


Ruthven Todd, the author of the series, it turns out, was a Scottish poet, artist, and novelist, and edited the works of William Blake, the famed English poet. He wasn’t exactly a nobody, but who’s ever heard of him before?

Amazon’s prices for books in the series ranged from $65 (that’s actually the best price I’ve seen yet) on up to a whopping $198. 


Ebay wasn’t much different, with prices starting at $89 and going all the way up to $299. Lots of the copies I saw for sale weren’t even in good condition – many looked to be old library copies with the cataloging stickers and plastic jacket protectors still on them.

If anyone knows where myself or other interested readers could check these books out, please leave a comment. Or, if you happen to be the lucky owner of a copy we'd love to know. We all are just dying to get our hands on the adventurous tales of Space Cat!

The first Space Cat book (above) was published in 1952. Next in the series is Space Cat Visits Venus (1955). Followed by Space Cat Meets Mars, which came out in 1957.The last book in the series came out in 1958 and sounds like it could have the cutest storyline: Space Cat and the Kittens.



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Cantwell agrees to debate Baumgartner

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For the last few weeks, Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Michael Baumgartner has been bashing his opponent, incumbent Democrat Maria Cantwell, for not being willing to debate him. But at the same time, Cantwell had promised, repeatedly, that she would join him for a debate, eventually.

Now, just a week after Baumgartner pretended to debate an empty chair, it looks like Baumgartner's getting his debate, and Cantwell's fulfilling her promise.

Cantwell announced she'll take place in the October 12 League Of Women Voters debate. The exact details of the format has yet to be worked out, but the debate will be broadcast statewide on radio and television. Cantwell's campaign says she looks forward to discussing  her "tireless advocacy for Washington jobs – from apples to aerospace.." where Baumgartner says he looks forward to her talking about her explaining her record on "the Middle East and her support of the war in Afghanistan."

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MORNING BRIEFING: Donkey Kong related attack on Centennial Trail; protests spread in Middle East

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Around Here

In an apparent Donkey Kong-motivated attack, a teenager strikes woman with mallet along the centennial trail. [KXLY]

Idaho gears up for its first big solar project. [KHQ]

People are still cutting down power lines for the copper. [S-R]

Out There

Those protests? They're spreading. Google cut access to the inflammatory video, though. [NYT]

Romney may be losing the swing states. [WaPo] 

The Fed's QE3 helps European markets surge [IBT]

No word on the American market yet, but NYSE is about to pay some chump change penalty for seriously shady dealings. [WSJ]

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