Best Of

2006: Best Record/CD Store


We had CD stores. As in "compact disc." That's how long ago 2006 was. But Hastings, you must understand, child, was so much more than a CD store. It was a Blockbuster. It was a GameStop. It was both a Barnes and a Noble. Many an adolescent boy became a man when he underwent the ancient rite of passage of buying a Star Wars video game or Star Wars Expanded Universe book or Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace soundtrack from a cute Hastings cashier — a real live woman — without dying of embarrassment. Alas, Hastings was long ago replaced by empty storefronts and, seasonally, Spirit Halloweens. Amazon, Steam and Spotify have made it easier to get your Star Wars content without ever interacting with another human being. This is why kids these days have gone soft.

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