We showcase some of our favorite weekly pizza deals and happy hour specials

We showcase some of our favorite weekly pizza deals and happy hour specials
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Flatstick Pub's Fairway pizza is availble for just $10 during happy hour.

You love pizza. You love a good deal. But combine the cheesy, topping-delivery vehicle of a hot slice of pizza with the pleasure power of a discount and you're gonna have a hard time telling who's happier; your wallet or your tum tum full of yum yum.

OK, let's be honest, pizza may be the food best known for being offered at great deals throughout the year. Seriously, is there any pizza place that doesn't ever run a special? So you'll understand that to list every deal or special in town would be nearly impossible. We've done our best here to guide you to a handful of awesome local choices you won't likely see ads for on Super Bowl Sunday. From slices and sodas to slammin' happy hour pie deals, here's how to chow down cheap.

1333 W. Summit Pkwy.
At this Kendall Yards treasure, slices are $4.75 to $5.75 all day, depending on the type of pizza, except during happy hour, from 3-5 pm, when they're $1 off. Or, try the soup and slice combo, which will get you a slice of pizza and a cup of the tomato basil soup for $10.50. (SW)

808 W. Main Ave., Suite 106 and 6220 N. Division St.
Is there a better deal than free? That's what you get at Tomato Street: During early happy hours at both the River Park Square and Division locations (3-6 pm downtown, 4-6 pm up north), they'll serve you free pizza in the bar as long as you're enjoying some beverages. The kitchen usually has a couple two-topping options on hand, and the servers are more than happy to keep filling your plate until you say "uncle." (NW)

618 W. Main Ave.
This new downtown pub offers fun with your food, with mini golf and "duffleboard" to keep you entertained for hours, with the venue shifting to 21 and older at 7 pm daily. All pizzas (14 inches) drop to only $10 during happy hour, 3-6 pm Monday through Friday, and daily from 10 pm to close. For pizzas like the Fairway, featuring pesto, chicken, sweet roasted red onion, tangy goat cheese, dressed arugula and mozzarella, that's more than 40 percent off the normal $17 price! The sizable tap list also goes on discount during the weekday happy hour, with $1.50 off beer, wine and cider. (SW)

611 E. 30th Ave.
Tucked away on the South Hill, this modern pizza joint offers delicious, reasonably priced wood-fired pizzas every day of the week. But it's Tuesdays at Republic Pi that are truly special, because that's when all the pies on their menu are just $10, so long as you eat in. Go for something classic but simple, like the Neapolitan-style pizza known as the Manito, or for one of their creative weekly specials, which have featured everything from chimichurri shrimp to cannellini beans. It's a one-size-fits-all situation, so why not grab two while you're there? (NW)

730 N. Columbus St.
For your lunchtime needs, the Mascot Pizza near Gonzaga and the U-District offers two slices of pizza and a soda for only $6, from 11 am-1 pm, Monday through Friday. For other options, there are always different specials running throughout the week, which can be found on Mascot's Facebook page or by dropping by. Plus, they always offer the major bonus of free delivery within 5 miles of the store. (SW)

1426 S. Lincoln St. and 1909 E. Sprague Ave.
Any time I'm on the South Hill, I always find myself wondering, "Do I have time to duck into Bennidito's for a slice?" It's a neighborhood institution, and along with its Sprague Avenue brewpub it's the perfect stop-in for a quick pizza fix. During lunchtime hours, you can usually snag a hefty cheese or pepperoni slice for $3, and a beer for $5.50 a pint. That's a solid lunch for under $10. Splurge on an order of their famous bready beer buddies and your day just got a whole lot better. (NW)

9 N. Washington St.
Monterey Cafe is not only one of the best karaoke spots downtown, it's also well known for its tasty, tasty pizza. Every Tuesday, pizzas are half off, meaning for $8 to $11 you can get a full helping and then some of your favorite specialty. Plus, every day from 8-9 pm, Power Hour will get you a slice for just $1. (SW)

9225 N. Government Way, Hayden
Every week it's twofer Tuesday at Flame & Cork in Hayden, when you can get two pizzas for $22. Or, come on Wednesdays and get $1 off wine and appetizers like the wood-fired mac and cheese or the chopped caprese salad. (SW) ♦

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