Getting in the Flow

From the Editor

In this issue, I’m so pleased to introduce you to four local folks you may not have heard of, but whose contributions in their various fields are getting noticed by their peers — even earning them national recognition.

Despite their varied fields — two are doctors, one’s a pharmacist and the other is receiving her Ph.D. in nursing — you’ll see they have some key things in common. Intellectual achievement, obviously, but also in all four, a humble spirit of service is abundantly evident. And in spite of the long hours they work at very demanding occupations, they all express a profound sense of gratitude for the gifts of ability and education and mentoring, as well as for the opportunity to work with others who inspire them.

Sometimes that sort of conjunction of passion, perseverance and professional achievement is referred to as being “in the flow.” While many of us aren’t working on life-saving challenges, there’s no reason we can’t all experience some degree of that convergence — where time seems to stop and our full attention lands easily on whatever task we’ve assigned ourselves. Getting into that state of flow more easily — and more often — is the subject of the first column by our new life coach Carla Brannan, who helps people in Spokane reach their full potential. I hope you’ll give her quick and easy personal assessment quiz a try and go wherever your flow takes you.

To your health!

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Anne McGregor

Anne McGregor is a contributor to the Inlander and the editor of InHealth. She is married to Inlander editor/publisher Ted S. McGregor, Jr.