From culinary arts to binge-watching, here are some weed-friendly activities to get you through your isolation

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From culinary arts to binge-watching, here are some weed-friendly activities to get you through your isolation
Twin Peaks

It's been almost a month since the COVID-19 pandemic forced folks inside and made "social distancing" part of our daily lexicons. Of course, practicing stoners are probably doing better than most during these isolated times, because getting high was already something of a solitary, indoors-only hobby anyway.

We're suggesting some weed-friendly activities that either get you (safely) out of the house, or keep you in the comfort of your own home but virtually invite others. Think of it as the art of getting high in the age of quarantine.

Take a Hike

It's imperative that you get a little fresh air every once in a while. Taking in nature is a great way to fend off the socially distant blues, and a low-intensity trek on a hiking trail or through a nearby park should do the trick. The American Hiking Society recommends sticking to parks and trails that are still open to public use, staying close to home in case of emergency and, of course, sticking to social-distancing guidelines.

Suggested strains: A sativa strain like the aptly named Willie Nelson will produce a euphoric effect without robbing you of your faculties. Just be sure to imbibe before you leave the house.

Bon Appetit

You're likely spending more time than ever in your own kitchen, so while you're flexing your culinary muscles, you might as well bring weed into the mix. There are countless recipes out there for making your own cannabis oil, which can be used in everything from baked goods to weed-infused pasta sauces.

Suggested strains: Sativa-dominant strains like Orange Crush or Trainwreck are popular and tend to induce a mild trippy effect. The key is to be conservative with your herbs until you become a master (weed) chef.

Virtual Binges

Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that allows you to simulcast films and shows with other people, is the ideal invention for the current climate. Some of the platform's best weed-friendly programming include cult TV series like the sitcom Community, with its irreverent satire of filmmaking tropes, or Twin Peaks, with its disorienting surrealism and emotionally heightened soap opera trappings. Or stick to such smart-dumb comedy films as The Hangover, The Money Pit and Kung Fu Hustle, or go full-on nostalgia with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films from the late '80s and early '90s.

Suggested strains: Neal Chambers, a budtender at Sativa Sisters, recommends a hybrid strain called Wedding Cake, which offers a relaxed, mood-enhancing high. "It's a really sweet strain, but it's got a bit of funk to it," he says. "It gives you a nice body high, but it's not necessarily going to put you to sleep. You can kind of space off and enjoy the cinematic adventure."

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

A lot of us who enjoy having a beer with colleagues after a long day at the office are looking for creative workarounds to physical hangouts. The video conferencing app Zoom has come in handy, providing a so-called virtual bar that doesn't serve overpriced drinks or limited seating. And best of all, you can bring a little weed with you while you're knocking back a cold one with friends.

Suggested strains: Chambers says opting for a stronger sativa strain, like Sour Diesel or Jack Herer, is the way to go here. As opposed to something like Wedding Cake, this one will keep you more focused so that you can actually carry on a conversation with people. "I like to say it's a 'take the dog on a walk' kind of feel," he says. ♦

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Nathan Weinbender is the former music and film editor of the Inlander. He is also a film critic for Spokane Public Radio, where he has co-hosted the weekly film review show Movies 101 since 2011.