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  • Feb 15-21, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 18

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  • Second coming

    Out of the ooze they come, squirming and slithering. Rising up from the fertile breeding grounds of the Second City to infiltrate comedy clubs, late-night television, movies and our very minds. To infect us with mirth. They are th
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  • Letters to the editor

    In response to "The Game of Life and Death," by Pia K. Hansen in the Jan. 25 edition of The Inlander, I'd like to thank you for bringing to light such a complicated issue. In Eastern Washington there are approximately 100,000 people who go without healthc
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  • Gunther the great

    In the world of music, it's hard to avoid the name Gunther Schuller. Among classical composers, he's regarded as a significant contributor to the art, and the recipient of recognitions such as the Pulitzer Prize and the MacArthur
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  • Call him coach

    I don't care what our record is," bellows the coach to his rapt players before one of the last practices of the season, "we're going to give it our all and go out on a winning streak." It's a good thing he doesn't care, sin
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  • Funny, and it works

    Is it okay to laugh at films that many would consider to be in bad taste? Does the term politically correct really have any meaning anymore in these days of right wing rule that most of us happy, free-wheeling citizens are just going
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  • Back in Bach

    February is a month that cries out for a little celebration. The ground has been covered with snow for three months, and that blasted rodent in Pennsylvania has predicted six more weeks of wintery weather. The days gradually len
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  • Annexation or death

    Estimates are that the relocation of Costco from inside city limits to unincorporated Spokane County will cost the city more than a half-million dollars each year. Although we drink the same water, share the same social and econo
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  • What a drag

    Maybe North Idaho isn't the first place people think of when they think drag shows, nor is it the first place that comes to mind in terms of AIDS fund-raisers. That perception is about to change quicker than a flurry of costumes thi
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  • A picture of good health

    He galloped into kitchens and homes with his luxurious, fat-laden recipes for nearly four decades. After a 23-year journey of intensive nutritional research combined with his many years of cooking experience, Graham Kerr is now a
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  • Power's play

    CFOG was wrong about John Powers. At least that's how it looks now that Powers has taken a hard line on the River Park Square parking garage mess. Contributors to the political action committee Citizens for Fair and Open Go
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  • CD Review -- Paul Simon

    The year 2000 ushered in a return to original form within the music industry. Rather than charting off into uncertain waters, songwriters like U2's Bono and Paul Simon have both returned to an earlier palette. On You're the One, Simo
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  • Local briefs

    LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. -- After winning the bid for incorporation in last year's election, residents of Liberty Lake are moving ahead with the construction of a new government. Several community forums have been held, and the next one -- sp
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  • Theory of evolution

    Oh my Lord. Oh well. Here we go again," is about all Chris Shinn can predict for the future of his new band, UNIFIED THEORY. Twice before, Shinn has been this close to stardom, and each time the record company that was poised to l
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  • Desert Island Discs

    I would choose CDs that could take me to another place and time, far away from the sounds of the surf washing onto the shore endlessly. Away from the harsh sun that disappears only to be replaced by the cold night air and a wet br

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