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  • Diamond in the rough

    Although the name of the new show at the SFCC Art Gallery is "JEWEL," there's not a single sapphire, garnet or peridot in sight. There are no earrings, bracelets or rings and only one necklace. There are a few tiaras, but they're no
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  • Meet Joe Blow

    Brad Pitt likes to play goofballs. In The Mexican, Pitt co-stars as Jerry, a hapless criminal and diffident bag man who must repay one last debt before he can accede to the demands that he quit the business from girlfriend Samantha (Julia Roberts), an alw
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  • Scottish on the rocks

    Shakespeare is, famously, for all time; his plays should not become museum pieces. Playgoers sometimes grumble when they don't get their Bard "the way it was done back then," as if the theater's job was simply to repeat performanc
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  • Letters to the Editor

    The first thing that caught my eye was the $492 per month rent quoted for a two-bedroom apartment. We own eight two-bedrooms in a we
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  • Citizen's Critique - The Wedding Planner

    The Wedding Planner, starring Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey and Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, is a bit of cinematic fluff perfect as a date movie or for a girls' night out. The acting isn't stellar, the plot fairly untwisted,
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  • Red hot from Brazil

    Let's face it: The United States is premised on thievery. The overriding shapes and textures of America are borrowed or stolen from other cultures, and everything from hamburgers to rock 'n' roll belongs in its original form to
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  • An un-Sirti future

    It has become an annual occurrence over at the legislative session in Olympia. Representatives from Spokane and SIRTI (for the uninitiated that's "Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Institute, located at the Riverp
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  • Sparking a new flame

    The creative writing program at EWU has, over the years, boasted an impressive roster of instructors, including Ursula Hegi, John Keeble and Nance Van Winckel. Its Master of Fine Arts Program (MFA) has become one of the most respect
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  • Look homeward, Ed

    My grandmother was born and raised in Spokane, the seventh and youngest child of a philandering Christian Science minister who lost a considerable fortune in the Great Depression. Officially, of course, Seattle, and not Spokane,
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  • Singing into spring

    It's late winter, and any warm-blooded Spokane resident with an ounce of sense is looking for something to break the monotony of cold weather, gray snow and upcoming tax bills. Music lovers need look no further than the upcoming p
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  • A Civil Action II

    The story of Jan Schlichtmann's first lawsuit against W. R. Grace first became a best-selling book and then the John Travolta movie, A Civil Action. The movie tells the story about Schlichtmann's failed prosecution in 1986 of two com
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  • Who is affected

    The Zonolite Company began extracting vermiculite in 1924 from a mine on what would come to be known as Zonolite Mountain. The mineral was used, among other things, in potting soil and insulation, but it was not pure. One other agent
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  • Local briefs

    SPOKANE -- The Department of Social and Health Services' Medical Assistance Administration (the agency in charge of programs such as Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program) is launching a series of statewide community mee
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  • Naked and loving it

    Critics are weighing in on Maroon, the sixth major label release from the BARENAKED LADIES (who perform at the Arena Star Theater next Thursday night). And so far, the consensus is that the band members have finally become serious
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  • W.R. Grace speaks

    Though the company's vermiculite mine closed in 1990, W. R. Grace has maintained a presence in Libby. Last year, the company helped fund a community health clinic to the tune of $260,000 a year, and company officials maintain they've
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  • Curing the council

    The Spokane City Council has had a reputation for not getting along for quite some time. Even though many argue that getting along is not necessarily the main goal of politics, there generally comes a point where people have had
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  • Desert island discs

    I assume I'm going to be supplied with unlimited quantities of batteries for my boombox, right? Ok, with that out of the way, I've picked five albums that I think are essential to my well-being. Bob Dylan made some great records, b
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  • The EPA digs in

    Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on-scene coordinators Paul Peronard and Duc Nguyen oversee the asbestos clean-up and removal activities in Libby. They also consult with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSD
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  • Choking on lies in Libby

    Gayla Benefield still remembers the nightmares she had of endless lines of lifeless, gray-faced men with fear in their eyes. It was 1982, and she was caring for her sick mother, Margaret, who for years had been in and out of the hos
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  • CD Review -- Arlo

    On first listen to the opening track of Up High In The Night, the debut album from Los Angeles foursome, Arlo, you get the feeling that this is going to be a bracing, fuzzy and melodic trip. "Forgotten" slaps you warmly with lead
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  • Playing God

    For the millions of people with tissue and organ diseases, there may soon be hope. Cloning -- the making of a carbon copy of a plant, an animal or a human -- is already an everyday term, and just as the emerging technology opens n

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