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  • Jun 28 - Jul 4, 2001
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  • A little night music

    Imagine yourself lying in a meadow on a warm summer's night, surrounded by beautiful music. This fantasy comes to life this week when Connoisseur Concerts plays host to Mozart on a Summer's Eve in the Duncan Gardens' meadow. Spokane love
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  • Sunday night in the raw

    Over the past few months, a brief video clip has popped up on various World Wrestling Federation broadcasts. It shows WWF chairman Vincent K. McMahon looking right into the camera and saying, "We make movies," as if someone had asked him what
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  • Peeking over the fence

    Grab your camera and notebook, fill the gas tank and clear the calendar for July 15 and 22 and August 5. It's touring season in some of Spokane's best gardens. The Inland Empire Gardeners Tour On Sunday, the Inland Empire Gardeners will hol
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  • Citizen critique - Shrek

    From an 8-year-old's perspective, Shrek has everything: bug, ear wax and mud jokes -- and a lot of attitude. Shrek (Mike Myers), the sour ogre, lives alone in his swamp, when he's suddenly invaded by all sorts of fairy tale characters. They've
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  • Curling, Canadian style

    Ah, it's early summer in Nelson, B.C., and the weather is sunny and warm. Area golf courses beckon, and Kootenay Lake sparkles in the shadow of the surrounding Selkirk Mountains. Recreational opportunities abound in this valley, but not
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  • Dazzling and dark

    Cabaret came to life first in a collection of short stories by Christopher Isherwood entitled Berlin Stories; it then evolved into John Van Druten's play, I Am a Camera. Through the years, I was fortunate to see the original play (ba
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  • Dispensing & amp;quot;gestes & amp;quot;

    President George W. Bush, brow furrowed, announced the death of Timothy McVeigh and pronounced a victory for "gestes." To me it was an obscene moment. George W., presuming to instruct us regarding justice (sorry, that's "gestes")? Here i
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  • Women with wings

    What do the following have in common: Astronaut Sally Ride, an Idahoan firefighter and helicopter pilot, a Spokanite eager to ferry sick children to medical care, a flight instructor safely landing with her student during the Japanese
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  • Capitalism talking to itself

    Advertising, according to media scholar Michael Schudson, does not always increase sales. So why is there so darn much of it? Schudson points out that advertising is a form of corporate self-affirmation, or, as he puts it, "capitalism's wa
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  • All revved up

    Gentlemen, start your engines..." This weekend's gasoline-powered event has evolved quickly. What began as a gathering of 200 hotrods in the parking lot of the Hot Rod Caf & eacute; in Post Falls has now turned into a major undertaking. This year,
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  • Hoopfest - Weekend warriors

    Come Saturday, you may think Spokane is experiencing another earthquake, but it will really be the sound of 44,204 sneakered feet pounding the pavement of downtown Spokane in unison. This rumbling has become a fa
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  • Who could ask for more?

    Walking alone on a street, a woman sings to herself about her newfound love: "Just one look at you / My heart grew tipsy in me / You and you alone / Bring out the gypsy in me." Put starkly, it sounds pretty corny. But supply that woman wi
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  • No strings attached

    I'm sitting down to write this review about a half-hour after seeing the film -- an unusual circumstance for me because I almost always like to ruminate a bit before setting fingers to keyboard. But there's no need this time. How's this for an
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  • A step back in time

    Imagine a time of queens and kings, knights and maidens, jousting, singing and magic. Now picture present time Richland, Wash., where every summer for the past 15 years, residents have had the opportunity to travel back to the year 1585
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  • A tale of two trash burners

    Steven Garwood is a bit tired of all the incinerator talk around Bonners Ferry, Idaho, these days. People have gotten it all wrong, and that wears him down. "I'm so tired of people using that word. We are not proposing an incinerator," h
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  • Warped again

    Ska-infected locals 10 MINUTES DOWN always seem to be in state of flux. Member flux, that is, a sometimes irritating but often unavoidable condition associated with having too many college grads in your band. Yep, when promising employmen
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  • CD Review - Radiohead

    A forgetful soul would have the pleasure of being free from all of the deconstructing that has accompanied the release of Radiohead's Kid A and recent companion, Amnesiac. The two were recorded during the same session and rumor had it that t

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