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  • Jul 5-11, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 38

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  • Citizen Critique-A.I.

    A.I. is what many critics have called it -- compelling, complex and I would say, above all, disturbing. It is a movie that many will find themselves talking about afterward, thinking about as they go to sleep that night. If you
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  • Puritans and pot

    by Robert Herold The Supreme Court majority, by tossing out California's attempt to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, yet again revealed itself to be both expedient and hypocritical. It is expedient in that it would seize upon a conflicting federal
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  • In step, in tune and in color

    Spokane's families have a reason to celebrate this week as the Spokane Children's Museum celebrates its third anniversary, with extended hours today, including birthday cake and face painting. The museum, which has been on Post Street do
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  • Letters to the Editor

    The commentary, "Powers in Wonderland," in the June 21 edition of The Inlander, missed the mark. The "central sticking point" is the city's inability to see the forest for the trees. River Park Square put three different written proposals on the table las
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  • Grab your magic notebooks

    It's hard to believe the effect Blue's Clues has on a child until you witness a 2-year-old sit in one place to watch it. Keeping a toddler this age still for 30 minutes is an amazing feat, but I've seen it with my own eyes. Now you can
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  • Gone to the dogs

    The suburbia that's presented in the opening frames of this disappointing "kids only" fantasy film could have come right out of the minds of either Steven Spielberg or Tim Burton. Everything is picture perfect -- lawns are manicured, people ar
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  • Cinema by the Lake

    by Sheri Boggs Creativity flourishes in the pines of North Idaho, fed on mountain streams, cool night air and the uninterrupted working space of a life outside of big city distractions. Want proof? Writer Denis Johnson, author of Jesus's Son, lives a quie
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  • Meth busts continue

    SPOKANE -- The combined forces of the sheriff's office and the Spokane Police Department (SPD) has resulted in 86 meth busts already this year. Last year, 74 sites were busted altogether, and the SPD expects the number of busted labs
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  • Conscientious objector

    Eric Robison is sitting at a small table at the Rocket on Main Street with a mug of coffee. In his white T-shirt, with his loosely braided long hair, he looks like someone whose local band would be playing Riverfront Park this weekend. Ac
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  • Across the lines

    Local urban legend used to have it that lonely nighttime travelers crossing the Rathdrum Prairie could find themselves surrounded by a human chain of members of some sinister cult looking for their next victim. In order to avoid abduction
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  • Righteous babe

    ANI DIFRANCO calls her new two-CD set, Revelling/Reckoning, one of the most satisfying albums so far in her career. "When I walked into the mastering studio to put the final EQs and whatnot on the record, I never felt so pregnant, where i

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