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  • Oct 4-10, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 51

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  • Denzel's dark side

    It's not as if Denzel Washington has anything left to prove regarding his talent as a film actor. During his TV days, if he was in a scene on St. Elsewhere, all eyes were on him. When he starred in Malcolm X, he was Malcolm X. Philadelphia? P
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  • The lights are out

    Since the folks at Lake City Playhouse are putting on an hour-long one-act for their second production of the season, they saw fit to open the evening with a series of two-man comedy skits. The idea was to make the evening funnier and lon
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  • A way out

    As our nation prepares to respond to the attacks of September 11, it is critical that we understand what is at stake here. Most importantly, we need to know what it is we hope to accomplish. If our ultimate goal is to reduce the threat
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  • Citizen Critique - Don't Say a Word

    Michael Douglas portrays his usual clench-jawed, much-put-upon Middle-Aged Guy in this would-be thriller. He plays noted adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Nathan Conrad, on his way home for Thanksgiving weekend when he's summoned by a colleague
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  • Legends of the fall

    Looking for the perfect fall day trip from to take in the colors of the season? Well, this may be it. Drive up to Ione, Wash., in the forgotten corner of the state, for the AUTUMN COLORS TRAIN RIDE. With the warm September th
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  • High velocity

    It's one of the most memorable scenes in the James Bond film canon, that wild downhill ski chase (which was clocked at 65 mph) in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. The man who choreographed and stunt-skied that segment, Willy Bogner, has jus
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  • Visual Arts Tour highlights

    We found it interesting -- sad, really that in our recent KXLY/Inlander survey, cultural/entertainment opportunities were ranked the second least important concern of Spokane residents. While we're pretty sure the ranking would be much highe
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  • Auteur of the atmospheric

    It's hard to take someone's music seriously when you hear it playing in the background at every atmospheric and romantic restaurant where you eat. It's an unfortunate fate for the musician. On one hand, it certainly means that the music
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  • Citizen critique-Riding in Cars

    Riding in Cars with Boys, Penny Marshall's latest offering to the Gods of Chick Flick, tries hard to be the sweet coming-of-age drama promised by the trailer. In certain respects, it succeeds. The primary storyline finds young Beverly (D
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  • Tooling around O'Toole

    Spokane Civic Theatre opened its 55th season with a musical that drew me back into a world that I vividly recall: the l950s. It was a time when we huddled around television, mesmerized by the ability to have entertainment in our own
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  • Wartime economy

    It's not as if Denzel Washington has anything left to prove regarding his talent as a film actor. During his TV days, if he was in a scene on St. Elsewhere, all eyes were on him. When he starred in Malcolm X, he w
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  • Local briefs

    Still hung out to dry -- SPOKANE -- The state of Washington continues to be plagued by a drought, which was officially declared by the Department of Ecology in March and is expected to continue through the end of the year. Water levels this
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  • CD Review - White Strips

    White Stripes are a boy-girl guitar-drum duo from Detroit with a savage sense of humor and fierce new garage-rock sermons for the faithful. Primitive and emotional in the very best rock 'n' roll tradition, Jack and Meg White gleefully car
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  • Beyond birds and bees

    There's an editorial cartoon pinned to Russ Hemphill's bulletin board. In it, one woman says to another, "I think sex education causes teenage pregnancies... " The other woman replies: "And I think driver's ed causes car accidents." Humor s
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  • CD Review-Death Cab for Cutie

    Bellingham's Death Cab for Cutie, formed by lead singer Ben Gibbard in 1997, makes music so ravishing and beautifully fragile, it should only exist within a dream. The Photo Album, their third full-length release, combines their characteri
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  • A call for peace

    After President Bush's "win this war" speech to Congress, Senate majority leader Tom Daschle and Senate minority leader Trent Lott strode to a podium where Lott declared, "Tonight, there is no opposition party." On the streets of America,
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  • Brad Keeler

    Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer Brad Keeler plays what he refers to a "new, used and reconditioned antique music," a variety of American roots musical forms including (but certainly not limited to) delta blues, ragtime, tradi
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  • Tangled up in Bob

    Lately, it seems, every time BOB DYLAN puts out an album of new, original material, the early reports, at least, all read pretty much the same: "The best Dylan album in years." "His best effort since Blood on the Tracks." "Dylan is back."

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