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  • Sep 27 - Oct 3, 2001
  • Vol. 8, No. 50

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  • Needful things

    From Stephen King's Hearts in Atlantis, a collection of novellas and a short story, comes this adaptation of two of those pieces: "Low Men in Yellow Coats" and "Heavenly Shades of Night Are Falling." And a gentle, lyrical adaptation it is, al
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  • Finding refuge

    The nation's capital city is a far cry from the ruddy stillness of southern Utah's redrock wilderness. Still, it's a terrain author Terry Tempest Williams had navigated before, both while touring for her earlier books Refuge, An Unspoken Hu
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  • It's Time For A Real Resolution 09/06/01

    The first step in solving the River Park Square parking garage controversy is to define the problem. It is clear we need a sound business solution for the River Park Square garage, but first we need a true understanding o
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  • Citizen Critique - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    First of all, I would like to say what a refreshing sight it was finally to see the title Hedwig and the Angry Inch on a Spokane theater marquee. Seeing Hedwig for the first time at Seattle's Landmark Egyptian Theater in August, I left th
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  • The need for sacrifice

    It didn't take long for the boo birds to begin making noise. In the wake of President Bush's speech-of-his-life to the Congress and the proposed national security legislation that has followed, we hear likes of Alan Dershowitz, in full fr
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  • Perchance to dream

    With his fourth feature, The Princess and the Warrior, German writer-director Tom Tykwer explores the limits of love. More akin to the breathtaking technique of his Wintersleepers than the bubble-gum chance of Run Lola Run, his newest suggest
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  • It's time for a real resolution 09/06/01

    The first step in solving the River Park Square parking garage controversy is to define the problem. It is clear we need a sound business solution for the River Park Square garage, but first we need a true understanding of why the project
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  • Not your father's Olds

    For most American auto racing fans, drivers with names like Gordon, Bodine and Martin compete at places like Talladega and Darlington. The ideal race involves a Dodge drafting a Chevy down the back straight of a steeply banked oval track.
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  • Resolving River Park Square 08/23/01

    By now, everyone concerned with resolving the River Park Square dispute knows that I want to mediate. Mediation can be a tremendous help to parties who see the importance of settling a dispute, but who are having trouble g
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  • Letters to the Editor

    I am writing in response to the excellent article: "Meth Busting" by Pia K. Hansen (8/30/01). The issues concerning meth use, particularly among our youth, in our society and more particularly here in Spokane have been discussed in many
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  • Going, going, gone?

    It's real quiet when I pull into Oakesdale, Wash., on a recent Friday afternoon. There's not a living soul in sight. Not even a cat. I left Spokane this morning on a tour of some of the small Palouse farming communities within a morning's
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  • Incomprehensible gift

    When Terry Trueman's son, Sheehan, was born in 1979, Trueman wasn't sure that he would make it through another day, much less live to write about it. The cerebral palsy that severely crippled his son threatened to overwhelm Truem
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  • Behind The Times 08/30/01

    As I have said before, I want the River Park Square project to succeed. I do believe it does, and will continue to contribute to a downtown revival. I also take the position that this revival is critical to the social, c
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  • On the march

    The United States has inched closer to retaliating for the September 11 brutal terrorist attacks by moving U.S. warships and dozens of fighter planes to the Middle East and "possibly points east," according to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsf
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  • CD Review-The Shins

    Quiet is the new loud. Within a rock landscape populated by a thousand screaming, posturing nimrods and a pop wasteland littered with pale, cookie-cutter automatons, an effective way of getting your musical ideas across to a stalwart (but
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  • Local briefs

    Janet Reno visits MOSCOW, Idaho -- As part of the University of Idaho's College of Law's Bellwood Lecture series, former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno is coming to town. Reno served both terms under President Bill Clinton and is current
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  • Inside the CIA

    Spokane knows Keith Johnson as a political activist and former candidate for the Washington State Senate, but before retiring here he served in the Central Intelligence Agency in places like India, Yugoslavia and Spain, where he helped th
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  • Goodbye Bone Daddies

    The Bone Daddies, one of Spokane's premier original blues acts, is bursting these days with news. First of all, the group is changing its name to CANNON HILL in deference to the South Hill neighborhood where the electric blues/rock trio (

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